Smashing the Box Office… Literally

So by now, you’ve probably heard that Marvel’s The Avengers killed it at the box office this past weekend… with $207.4 million to be exact. Much to my own wizard-loving dismay, this beat out “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” which held the previous opening weekend record of $169.2 million. And according to the L.A. Times, a sequel for the movie is already in the works. So what’s all the hype about?

Rotten Tomatoes (one of my fave movie review sites) gave this movie a 93%. That’s one of the highest ratings that I have ever seen, and puts it right up there with “The Artist,” which got a 98% (and also won the Academy Award’s Best Picture). In comparison, “The Hunger Games” only received a 84%. So if you’re like me, and your BF is begging you to go see it, do yourself a favor, and see it. In my opinion, it was a tad long, but overall, it was really, really good. If anything, you’ll walk out of the theater ready to kick some ass.

Forget the plot… I’m not going to turn this post into a movie review. Like I said, you should go and see it for yourself. What I’m more interested in talking about after the fact is how much money these folks, companies, and franchises are making… It’s insane! You know the U.S. numbers. Well, the global box office total for opening weekend was roughly $702 million. Not bad, huh? No wonder they’re planning to release “Iron Man 3” and “Thor 2” next year, and a sequel to “Captain America: The First Avenger” in 2014.

And what about the toys? These characters are super heroes, after all. Merchandise is sold out everywhere — Walt Disney Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Robert A. Iger tells the media that the global licensing team is working with licensees and retailers to restock shelves as quickly as possible. Hulk hands, Captain America costumes, Ironman action figures, and more. I can picture every little kid running around with something, can’t you?

And it doesn’t stop there… It’s mind boggling. Disney’s “Imagineers,” who are responsible for designing theme parks, are working on ways to incorporate more of Marvel’s characters into amusement parks across the country. This isn’t even close to the end of Marvel’s magic.

So, let’s be honest: Did you buy into it? I told you that I did. What did you think? Was it worth all of the hype? Are you looking forward to more? Share below or on Facebook and Twitter!


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