To Do: Get TeuxDeux

I’m basically obsessed with organization.  Organizing my color according to color? You know it.  Matching bins and baskets to organize belts, scarves, and socks?  Could you expect anything less? To-do lists? Can’t live without them.

My iPhone notes used to be filled with to-do lists that I was constantly updating.  You have to admit, crossing things off your to-do list feels like a major accomplishment.

About a month ago, I found an app that made my to-do-list-loving self a very happy girl.  TeuxDeux ($2.99 in the App store).  It’s super basic and very easy to use.  While it’s not exactly cheap–it is so worth it.  I couldn’t imagine going back to any other to-do list (and I have used other to-do list Apps in the past).

I found this tutorial on-line that can explain TeuxDeux way better than I ever could.


There are two things I love really love about this app.  Most importantly is that if you don’t cross it off your to-do list, it’ll automatically transfer to the next day.  This way, you’re not stuck searching through past days for tasks that haven’t been completed–making it nearly impossibly to ignore forget things that have to be done.

The second feature I love is the “Someday” folder.  You know those things that you know you should really do soon, but just haven’t had the time to get it done?  This makes it perfect to compile an organized list of all those dreaded errands.  It’s also helpful if you know you have something that needs to be done next week… because with TeuxDeux… you can go weeks in advance and add projects to specific days.

Has anyone else tried TeuxDeux? Do you have another fave organizational app? Share them with us! @20sTweet 🙂


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