Snag This Look: Southern Belle

Serious question: WHAT is up with this weather lately? It’s been driving me crazy. Is it too soon for shorts? I really hope so, because I’m certainly not ready to bare my pale legs. Is it too late for long sleeves? Again, let’s hope, because I’ve tucked away most of my winter “going out” clothes. So how’s a girl to dress when the weather’s as unpredictable as it’s been?

Well, we have the answer. It’s time for another installment of Snag This Look!

Meet Lauren, an Auburn University graduate (and my best friend). When I need some fashion advice, Lauren is my go-to. This outfit is the perfect combination of winter and summer. Easy enough, don’t you think?

From top to bottom:

Black Earrings: Old Navy, $8.50
Coral Top: Ellie Boutique (in Auburn, AL), $34.50
Jeggings: American Eagle, $39.00
Nude Heels: Body Central, $24.50

“Nude heels are a MUST because they work perfectly for any outfit,” Lauren says. “For accessories, try Old Navy. They surprisingly have a lot of cute, cheap things.”

Interested in finding tops such as Lauren’s, but live a little too far from Auburn, Alabama? Well, the Ellie Boutique has a website! Check it out here. There are tons of spring and summer fashion staples available to order, direct from the folks who get to dress this way year-round. Enjoy!

Have a look that you think is worth snagging? Send us the details at πŸ™‚


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