A Quick Shoutout to our Fave Fairies, Briella & Jessica

Back when were still getting our blogging-bearings and only had a couple views a day, we were lucky enough to snag not just one, but two interviews with some pretty awesome chicks. With whom, you might ask? Briella Calafiore and Jessica “Jess Hottie” Romano from Style Network’s popular shows Jerseylicious and The Glam Fairy. We were star-stuck then and, honestly, still are. In case you weren’t around when we spoke to either Briella or Jess Hottie, here are our two interviews. Briella‘s came first, but soon thereafter we spoke to her BFF, Jessica.

Since we chatted with these two beautiful ladies, we’ve been following their every move on our fave social media sites, Twitter and Instagram. We found out today that shooting for the upcoming season of The Glam Fairy has officially begun.

As a blog that is still slowly growing daily, we owe a lot of our beginning success to these interviews. We gained tons of readers from them (we can tell by the number of times they’ve been viewed…which was a ton), so shout out to them for helping us. They’re just two girls living out their dreams, just like us, and it’s so inspiring.

Briella & Jess on set, from @jesshottie’s instagram account.

Have an absolutely sexual and glam Monday, everyone!! And be sure to check out the next season of The Glam Fairy when it hits the small screen on Style soon.


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One Response to A Quick Shoutout to our Fave Fairies, Briella & Jessica

  1. melissa ryan says:

    i love Jessica,she is sooo sweet n funny and she takes time out to talk to her supporters:)

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