Ruining Our Lives… One Step At A Time

One of my favorite apps on my beloved iPhone is the Huffington Post app.  It has everything from “real” to “fake” news.  I’m sure you know the “fake” news that I’m talking about–the celebrity stories that you love to read but just don’t know why.

Anyways, this past weekend, I was reading an editorial (slash book promotion) titled, “9 Ways Twentysomethings Screw Up Their Lives.” The author, Meg Jay, is a clinical psychologist. She talks all about the unique power of our 20s and how they shape the rest of our lives. Clearly, I was dying to know if I had screwed up my life yet (and happily, it doesn’t seem like I have…at least not completely. Kidding).

I’ll give you two of the best ones:

Acting like you’re on a reality TV show.  You know the people they’re talking about (and of course it’s not you, right?).  They’re the people who “live it up” every night and post all about it on Twitter and Facebook.  They’re also the people who relive the drama over and over again and talk about it until they’re friends have heard the story at least 5 times.  Basically, if you think you’re a celebrity (or think you’re so great that MTV would be lucky to follow your life), this is you.  Now please, stop.

Stalking on Facebook (and then sulking at home).  Ok, we all do it and you know it makes you feel shitty, but you do it anyways. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it.  Facebook makes it seem like everyone’s life is better than yours, and leaves you feeling bad for yourself and your mediocre life.  That being said though, of course people only put all the great things about their life on FB (why would they put all the bad stuff?) FB is like PR– talk about the positives and just leave everyone in the dark about negatives.

As funny as some of her “ways to screw up your life” are, some are actually pretty legit.  For example, if you have low criteria for a boyfriend/girlfriend, then you’ll just end up dating losers and not meeting the people you deserve.  Or another about moving in with your significant other too early (and how this could lead to divorce later on in life).  I swear, there is real advice in there.

You may not think that what you do in your twenties matter, but they actually do.  And the decisions you make will impact your life in the long run.  Obviously we should still be out there having fun, but we should also take responsibility for our actions and (sigh) act like the adults that we are.  You have to admit, whether we like it or not, we’re growing up and our lives are completely changing (we’re getting “real” jobs, moving out of our parents house, paying bills, etc).  Basically, we’re shaping the rest of our lives.

One last fun fact:

 Personality changes more in our 20s than any time before or after.” 


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