Ice Cream or Condoms… My Newest Conundrum

So at first glance this seems like a pretty tame commercial for a yummy, chocolately, ice cream treat on a stick… But put yourself in my shoes for a second. As I have my back to my television, doing some random chores in and out of my room, all I hear is, “Magnum, ice cream for pleasure seekers,” coming from my TV. Um….

…..Wait a minute. Is it just me, or is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word magnum the brand of condoms? And the fact that it’s supposedly directed towards “pleasure seekers,” I instantly said WTF to myself. I rushed to my computer and Googled it, expecting to find some new type of ginormous, ice cream flavored form of protection. I was completely let down when I discovered it was merely a over-sexualized frozen treat.

On the website, the sexuality continues. “The pleasure is yours for the taking—Magnum, the international ice cream sensation made with thick, rich Belgian chocolate.” I just picture some foreign porn star uttering these words in a soft yet raunchy voice while she pours chocolate all over some unlucky victim. Or maybe it’s just me.

P.S.: They come in small too, just in case, ya know, you’re not into a whole lot of pleasure that day.

Have any of you indulged in the Magnum experience? I truly would love to know if it is as great as it’s advertised. I mean, Rachel Bilson did look pretty happy as she bit into one in the advertisement.


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