Calling All Caffeine Addicts: It’s Happy Hour!

In case you don’t follow Starbucks on Twitter, or aren’t a regular in-store or at the drive-thru, we’ve got you covered. Mark this on your to-do list: Beginning on May 4 through May 13, Starbucks will be offering half-priced Frappuccinos® from 3-5 p.m. It’s a Frappuccino Happy Hour!

The perfect, afternoon pick-me-up. Who doesn’t love an original Caramel, Java Chip, or even brand new Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino? Your choice of milk, espresso shots, and/or sprinkles and whip. Yeah, yeah, yeah… So there’s always going to be the critics. You may be thinking, “So they lower their over-priced drinks to a reasonable price for two hours a day. Who cares?” Well, I do, and I know I’m not alone! The real question is, who cares if this is just a smart, little marketing campaign via Sbucks? Their delicious blended beverages (with the perfect amount of sugar and caffeine) are half-priced and so delicious! Doesn’t ordering a Frapp remind you of when you were just a beginner, ordering something-coffee for the very first time? Those were the days…

Afraid you’ll forget? Sign up to receive a Happy Hour reminder text message from Starbucks. Text “HAPPY” to 697289 for daily reminders. As the folks as Starbucks would say, your afternoon just got a whole lot sweeter!

What’s your fave Frapp flavor? You know the drill. Share it with us @20sTweet!


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2 Responses to Calling All Caffeine Addicts: It’s Happy Hour!

  1. Nicole says:

    Am I the only 20-something that doesn’t drink coffee? I’m a sweet tea girl. All. The. Way. And no artificial sweetener, I want SUR-GAH and lots of it!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicole from Three 31
    ( a sweet tea drinkin’ girl from Kentucky)

    P.S. Happy Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby to everybody …#RUNFORTHEROSES

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