Gym Motivation for Lazy Days

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m feeling lazy. While I could easily refer back to this list of Top 10 Reasons for Skipping the Gym, I’m not. I can’t… Right? Here’s why:

  • It’s the second to the last day of April. It’s almost May… June… and bikini season.
  • I overindulged on some post-bar late night snacks with my ladies this weekend.
  • I just downloaded some awesome new songs to add to my workout playlist.
  • I’ve made a to-do list for the day (thank you, Type A personality). Working out is now on that list.
  • I already have plans for after work tomorrow which do NOT include the gym.
  • My roommate is going – in fact – she’s there right now. Buddy system, right? If I work out, you work out…

What’s that old saying… Mind over matter. There’s a sign on the door of my gym that says, “The hardest part is getting here.” On the way out it says, “See you tomorrow!” They’re tricky, huh? They know, just like we do, that sometimes your motivation can completely escape you. You’ve set the goals, have been working hard, but could really care less on days like today. And as much as you could try to convince yourself that you do, you really don’t need a recovery day today. You’re just feeling lazy. Help me out here, TwentyTweeters. How do YOU get motivated for the gym, especially when all you want to do is lay in bed all day?

Comment below or send us a Tweet! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you at the gym!


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