Why It’s OK to Invade College as a Post-Grad

I’m heading down to party with some of my college pals (who are lucky enough to still be enrolled) tonight so I decided it was appropriate to make a list of reasons why it’s okay to pretend you’re still in college for a night. There are perks to being a post-grad partying with all of those undergrads. Yeah, they’re minimal but hey, they exist. What are they? I compiled them all here for you, exclusively on TwentyTweets:

  • You’re like a mini-celeb. Or you like to feel like you are. When you’re in school, you see the same people every day, so your presence isn’t that exciting. When you’re gone for a long period of time and make a cameo back in the college scene, expect your old pals to be over-enthralled (at least mine always are). If they aren’t, umm…yeah. You might not want to go.
  • Your tolerance sucks. While this may seem like a downside, it is actually a huge plus. Remember the days when you could chug like, 5 beers and not feel anything? Well now since you’re (probably) drinking way lessΒ  due to being soooo mature, you will only need a few drinks to be buzzed. And you know what that means– less money spent on the aforementioned beverages. It’s crazy how much your tolerance can go down, but I see it in the most positive light ever… and you should too. I’m pretty sure you’re never going to need those chugging abilities while you’re living at home with Mom and Dad. That is, of course, your parents are highly experienced chuggers as well.
  • You’ve already made every mistake in the book. Yeah, no one likes to think back to those highly embarrassing college moments. They happened and you’re still living, so be glad you did them back then and not while you’re trying to become a self-sustaining adult. While you’re throwing back that Bud Light at your college bar, look around at all the hot messes that you once were. Let them make their mistakes tonight. They will be you one day. Until then, though, feel free to snicker at their stupidity.
  • No homework…ever again. Especially at this time of the year, everyone is stressing out over exams, projects, and papers…and even though you may think that work is just as bad, at least you can punch out and not worry about doing anything work-related when you get home. Pity these poor souls. Remember when you would go out on Saturday night and dread doing all the homework you procrastinated until Sunday (when you’re way too hungover)? Well, now that you’re a successful (kind of) post-grad, you can bask in the completely homework-free and hungover Sunday.
  • Free yourself for a night.Β  Although the bars you frequent as a post-grad are most likely a step above your college dive, you can admit you miss those shitty places a little bit. Since this is (hopefully) a rare occasion, let yourself free in your old element. Don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable because you used to run that place (and probably still do). It’s okay to let the post-grad in you disappear for a night. Relive some memories… as long as you snap back into reality by Monday the latest. πŸ™‚


I have to admit, I am pumped to see some of my old crew tonight! Let me know if any of you are planning a “post-grad invades college” night any time soon. We love sharing memories here on TwentyTweets, so make sure you let us in on yours. You know where to find us…either on Twitter or Facebook. Holler!


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4 Responses to Why It’s OK to Invade College as a Post-Grad

  1. Funny list! In general I look forward to being a postgrad, but now even more so.

  2. I love making Cameo appearances back in the city I went to school at! I do feel like a mini-celebrity

  3. Going back up to URI this weekend and can’t wait! I will use every one of these excuses to validate my visit πŸ™‚

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