The Perfect Jeans: Found!

You know how girls say (and maybe some guys), “I can never find jeans…”  Well, not to brag or anything, but I never have that problem.  In fact, I’m the opposite.  I compulsively buy jeans–in all styles.  It’s definitely not because I have a perfect body, but instead because I found the perfect jeans.

Gap 1969 Denim. Obsessed!  (Disclaimer:) I worked at the Gap for about 3 years, and oh, how I absolutely loved it.  A day of work was like a day of shopping for me.  I was the girl constantly putting things aside, trying on all the newest styles on her break, and racking up her credit card at the end of her shift.  I was in love.

During that three-year love affair, I discovered Gap’s premium denim collection.  Yes, this “premium” collection did raise the prices a bit (they went from about $50 a pair to $70 a pair) but it was so worth it.  Even now, I buy ALL of my jeans at Gap and own almost every style (including multiple pairs of the exact same jeans).

Today I’m breaking it down for you.  What fit is best for you?


Always SkinnyMy go-to jeans.  I’m constantly wearing these on the weekends and for nights out.  In the winter I tucked these into riding boots and now that the weather is warmer I’m wearing them with ballet flats.  They’re slim throughout your entire leg (including on your calves) but don’t feel like they’re constricting your movement.  Undoubtedly the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned.

Legging JeanThese aren’t what some call “jeggings.”  They’re actually super thin, lightweight denim with a lot of stretch.  They’re a mid-rise jean which makes them perfect because it smooths your hips and thighs and makes you look skinny.  Make sure to remember though these are technically “leggings” so don’t pair them with short t-shirts or anything like that–absolutely wear them with tunics!

Real StraightSo cute for spring because they look great rolled up a few times.  Personally, I don’t buy capris.  I feel like the cut is always off (creating the illusion that your legs are tree trunks) and I can “make” them myself by just cuffing the jeans I already own.

Perfect Boot (Mid-Rise)They may be mid-rise but they’re definitely not “Mom jeans.”  These jeans are good if you’re having (dare I say it) a “fat day.”  I have to admit though, these are the only Gap jeans I haven’t owned.

Sexy Boot (Low-Rise)These are my “lazy weekend jeans.” I feel like these are one of the most classic jeans Gap has to offer (the other are the Curvy jeans).  They’re your basic slim in the thigh, and a little wide at the bottom.  I’ll wear these while running quick errands throughout the day. Very comfortable, and they look great with heals or flats.  Always in style (read: great investment).

Curvy. Popular misconception: I have to be curvy to wear these. Wrong.  These jeans are supposed to make you look like you have curves.  So if you have an athletic or very skinny build I would recommend trying these on first.

Long and LeanThese jeans are flared and definitely should be worn with heels.  Similar to the Curvy jeans you don’t have to be long and lean to wear them.  No matter what your body type is these jeans are meant to make you look–you guessed it–long and lean.


No matter what style appeals to you (or even if you already have a favorite denim), I absolutely suggest trying some of these jeans on.  They’re comfortable, lightweight and versatile.

$70 price tag turning you off a bit?  Fear not.  Gap is constantly having promotions so it’s not hard to snag these at a great price!


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1 Response to The Perfect Jeans: Found!

  1. Molly says:

    Great post! I can vouch for Gap jeans as well, and I haven’t worked for them. 😉 I have the always skinny, long and lean, and real straight styles. I’m petite, and I love that Gap has petite length jeans. It saves me so much money to skip the tailor! 🙂

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