Flashback Memories: High School Prom

It’s that time of year! Have you been to the mall lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed that more than half of the shoppers are high school kids who are swiping parents’ credit cards in preparation for the Prom. Ahh… Prom Night. One the most magical memories of our high school careers. Right?

Hormonal teenage boys and girls anxiously awaiting the perfect date… And the fact that nails, hair, and maybe even makeup had to be booked months in advance doesn’t even begin to describe the hype that surrounds this sacred high school night. I spent HOW MUCH on a dress that I never wore again?

So we asked YOU, TwentyTweeters: Did your Prom night live up to your wild expectations? Was it a “Night to Remember” or a “Night to Forget”?

Here’s what some of you had to say:

Anonymous: “Definitely a night to forget. Let’s just say this was my first experience with alcohol. Instead of being on the dance floor, I was hiding in a stall in the bathroom. Thank God the chaperones didn’t find me… A lot of other kids had already been escorted out.”

Dacia: “Looking back at it now, it’s kind of funny. But at the time, it was horrible. My boyfriend told me that I was staring at the guy across from me at the table, so I ate my dinner sideways. Everyone kept asking me what I was doing. Not to mention that everyone at our table was miserable… All four couples broke up within two weeks after Prom.”

Gessenia: “Two other girls had my dress at Senior Prom…”

Katie: “Good and bad memories. Good was Senior Prom when we rented a limo and I went with all of my best friends. Bad was Junior Prom when my dress was made by a family member, and it fell apart. Something was sticking me in the side and my date had to put his hand under the material the whole time we were dancing.”

Anonymous: “Good for me, probably not so good for my date. Once I ditched him, it was definitely a night to remember!”

Anonymous: “I was best friends with a guy all throughout high school. He didn’t have a date, and neither did I, so everyone assumed that we’d be going together. I left for April vacation with my family and was devastated when I got back to find out that he was ‘put on the spot’ by another friend of ours and asked her to be his date. A few weeks later, I found out that he really did feel bad because he said he would refuse to go unless I went with him. We couldn’t just ditch our other friend, so the three of us went together. We each took a photo with ‘our date’ and ended up having a great time.”

Jenn: “A night to remember! This bridal shop near my house actually let you REGISTER your dress with your school to guarantee that no one else (at least at your Prom) would have your dress. We all spent a lot of money, but at the time, it was totally worth it.”

Allie: “I thought the night was going to be ruined by the horrible up-do that my hairdresser did with my hair.  I don’t know why having perfect hair is such an ordeal for Prom, but it definitely was, and I’m pretty sure it still is. Anyways, I’m just grateful that my cousin came over, pulled out half the bobby pins, and was somehow able to fix it!”

Anonymous: “A night to remember! As cheesy as it sounds, my boyfriend and I were voted Prom King and Queen!”

I’ll leave you with a memory of my own. The good memory was that limo that Katie (above) was talking about. We rolled up in an 18-passenger stretch Excursion! The bad part? I confirmed that I’m allergic to shellfish that night. The Chicken Chesapeake, crab cake and all, didn’t settle so well for me. I spent the limo ride back with my head in a bag… And certainly NOT because I was drinking. Thankfully, a bottle of Pepto-Bismol allowed me to make it to the second half of the Post Prom Party.

What a night. Was it worth all the hype? I’m not entirely sure… But at least we have some great (and not-so-great) memories to share with one another! Been there, done that… I guess we could all give those high schoolers a break as they crowd the malls over the next couple of weeks! 😉

Share your memory with us below or send us a tweet!


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1 Response to Flashback Memories: High School Prom

  1. True Story – BUT- I looked the best out of all three… ; )

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