The Case of the Pink Shower Curtain and the Dirty Socks

It happens for us all at one point or another, we finally meet him (or her). They are funny, smart, cute, and your friends all like them. They seem to “get you” more than anyone else did in the past, and they don’t really mind when you watch four straight hours of the Kardashians (or Pawn Stars). Then, the two of you decide that the best idea is to take it to the next level and move in together.

So… You set a date, furiously search for an apartment, and get excited at the prospect of what moving in together really means (for guys, it means guaranteed more nookie. For girls, it means you might get a diamond sooner rather than later). This is really an exciting time and a new phase in life! Sure, you have moved before, but it was into a dorm or a tiny apartment with your girlfriends. Now that you’re an adult, you are moving in together. The next day, you make a run to Target. You need all the essentials because all he had was an old recliner, and all you had was some framed photos of flowers and a few throw pillows from Urban Outfitters.

Or wait, maybe that was just me…because this story in reality is about me, although I know this situation happens for couples all over the country. So anyways, let the story at Target continue…

I sauntered down the aisle of shower curtains and there it was; a pale pink delight with a few ruffles on the bottom. A perfect fit for my shabby chic style! I ran over to my boyfriend waving the curtain in the air, “Look at this! It’s adorable.” He kind of looked at me with strained eyes, but I could tell he knew this was the first of many battles that he would lose. “Wow, that is nice, if you want it get it.” Great! It was so easy to win him over and he was going to let me decorate the entire place. I wouldn’t have to give up my old decor like everyone else had warned me about to create a gender neutral territory. I ran home and hung my pride and joy. I placed some frilly towels with a bit of a lace edge on the towel rack, folded perfectly, and threw down a white rug. One room was complete.

The next morning, I woke up and as I headed into the bathroom, I was greeted by something horrible. It was a terrible scene… I couldn’t believe my eyes. His dirty socks, stinky, dirty, and disgusting were lying on the white carpet that I had just purchased! The cute white, lace trimmed towels were all crumpled up on the towel rack. Someone had actually used the “decorative” towels to take a shower! I could not imagine that someone would dare use those towels to shower… They were simply there for the look!

There was only one culprit. There he was, sleeping on the mattress amongst the unpacked boxes. “Why are your disgusting socks on the bathroom floor?” He looked up with me with sleepy eyes, “Huh, that’s what I do with them before I shower. I’m going to wear them today, I only had them on for an hour.” My face probably showed a million emotions. “Why did you use those towels?” I said. He answered, “Why wouldn’t I use a towel to dry off?”

At that point, it hit me. A girl’s world and a guy’s world are completely different… Merging them together was going to take a lot of compromising. So where did we start? Well, it’s good to know beforehand that perhaps some of those photographs of flowers are going to have to be handed  down to your girlfriends still living in their own apartments. Guys, it’s best to find out which towels are for use and which ones are off-limits. After a few weeks of trips to the nearest HomeGoods, you should have a pretty good idea of each other’s tastes and be able to blend the two into a successful design aesthetic.

Just remember to compromise: if you’re hoping to have a few photos of Gerber daisies hung on the wall, you have to be prepared to have an old fashioned beer sign hanging next to them.

Anyone else have these “compromising” type of stories? Share them with us @20sTweet!


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1 Response to The Case of the Pink Shower Curtain and the Dirty Socks

  1. tovah11 says:

    Your story actually made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! How dare he use the decorative towels? LOL
    They just don’t get it, do they? My husband can use the same towel for a week. It makes me sick to my stomach. When I told him I use a new towel each shower, he said, ‘what do you think this is? A hotel?

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