Happy Hour Pals or Strictly Officemates?

In this economy, a lot of you may be thinking that you would take any job that’s handed to you. But what you may not be thinking about is how much time you’ll be spending at work! The 40+ hours a week really change the pace of your lifestyle. With that said, it’s important to make sure that you get along (and hopefully even like) your co-workers. Let’s face it:  You end up seeing them more than you see your own roommates!

Will you celebrate together after a long day?

After that first, second, and possibly even third interview, there are a few unspoken things that you should take note of before accepting any job offer. These ideas may seem “less important” compared to things like structure, benefits, and compensation, but they’re actually pretty high up on the list of things that will make or break your post-grad experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

1. Attire. How is everyone dressed? If you’re looking for a more casual setting, then make sure everyone’s not buttoned up in business formal attire. The longer it gets from college graduation, the more your wardrobe makes a complete transformation. So make sure you’ll be spending your money in a way that’s suitable for you.

2. Cubicles. How is the office set up? Does everyone have their own office, cubicle, or do they share? Are people chatting, or is the office silent with everyone staring at their computer screens?

3. Office atmosphere.While making note of the setting, are there any decorations on the walls? What’s the atmosphere like? Open or closed doors? You can get a true feel for the space by simply taking a look around.

4. Lunch. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to take a lunch break everyday. Do people eat together? Is there a cafeteria? Order in or take out?

5. Diversity. Who will you be working with? Will you be comfortable? Consider age and gender of your officemates, for sure. Remember, these are the people who you will spend the majority of your time with.

Now most of these things only apply for an office, 9-5 type of job. If you know that this is something definitely NOT for you, then don’t waste your time applying! I can’t stress enough how important it is to be doing something that you enjoy. As twenty-somethings, we have our whole lives ahead of us to work. So why not start now with something that you love? Before accepting an offer, it’s important to picture yourself there. Will you like the people? Feel comfortable? Or will you dread going to work everyday?

What other small tips can you think of for college grads who are looking for work? Comment below or send us a tweet!


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