Embracing Local Culture and History on Your Next Vacation

After reading our tips for a successful vacation with your significant other, how many of you hopped right on a travel website to research possibilities? I’m already mentally planning my next trip, whenever that may be. Most spots of interest will include sun, sand, salt water, and an abundance of ice-cold drinks with mini umbrellas. What else could you possibly wish for? Well, I have one thing you must explore on your next adventure.

History. Really? You must be thinking, why would I want to spend my time away learning?! Checking out the unique historical sites of where ever you visit is something that will remain in your memory forever. You probably won’t remember all of the mojitos you drank or how bad your sun burn was…but you WILL remember how the culture influenced you.

During my two visits to Mexico over the past year, I was lucky enough to visit two different Mayan historical sites. In 2011, I visited Chichén Itzá and this year, Tulum. Both are located on the Yucatan Peninsula and I was able to work with travel agents (the same that booked my trip) to purchase all-inclusive excursions, all in the comfort of my hotel. Check out how cool (yeah, I might be a nerd, judge me) this experiences are below. Hopefully I can convince you to try something exciting!

Chichén Itzá (located in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula):

An underground cave on the way back from Chichén Itzá:

Tulum (located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea):

As I mentioned earlier, I booked both of these day trips through the travel agents that were at my hotel. These wonderful people worked for Olympus Tours and they were also responsible for our transportation to and from the airport. If you don’t have a travel agent during your trip, check with your concierge. Always be sure that the places you’re visiting are safe for tourists and you get the most bang for your buck. And of course, have fun! 🙂

Side note: While it may be breezy at your coastal hotel, places further from the ocean will be way warmer. I learned this the hard way when I went to Chichén Itzá. Stay hydrated!! I almost had to end my day early due to heat exhaustion. Definitely lay off the Coronas they offer you on the bus ride over!

Where have you guys been throughout this wonderful world?? Where should we go next?! Tell us @20sTweet!!



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1 Response to Embracing Local Culture and History on Your Next Vacation

  1. Nicole says:

    I visited Riveria Maya in 2009 and stayed at a resort between Cancun and Playa Del Carma. We took a day-trip to Chichen Itza (the 4-year-old on the trip called it Chicken Pizza!!!) and we swam in the cenote too – brrr, chilly water down there!. It was a great immersion into the culture, not to mention an excellent way to get away from the commercialism of Cancun. The following day, we took a ferry to Cozumel for a day of snorkeling and swimming with the fishies …. it was heavenly.

    Nicole @ Three 31

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