50 Shades Of… What is it all about, anyways?

It’s what everyone woman is talking, tweeting, writing and reading about… 50 Shades of Grey. The trilogy by E.L. James has caused some chaos among the female population recently, selling 2 billion copies in one month. Google it, and you will find review after review from top outlets like the NY Times, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune… and the list goes on and on. Given the nature of the book, and it’s dubbed nickname “mommy porn,” I’m finding tons of woman who say they are embarrassed to read it. But the thing is… they’re still reading it.

My ibooks library... With all three.

I first heard about the book at an all-girl get together. My friends couldn’t stop gushing about it, and when I asked what the book was about, they simply said “you just have to read it.” By Chapter 4, I was hooked on the book’s dreamy and all-to-perfect character, Christian Grey who could only be described by the following excerpt:  “Christian is leaning casually against the bar, drinking a glass of white wine. He’s dressed in his customary white linen shirt, black jeans, black tie, and black jacket. His hair is as tousled as ever. I sigh. Of course he looks gorgeous. I stand for a few seconds in the entrance of the bar, gazing at him, admiring the view. He is beyond beautiful.”

The book is definitely not your standard Romeo and Juliet love story or anything deep and serious. Is it well written? No, not really. Have I gained any sort of legitimate knowledge from reading it? Not much. So why am I, like many others, glued to the novel? It’s the age-old fact of sex sells. It doesn’t have one or two steamy sex scenes carefully detailed; it’s page after page of one woman’s every fantasy. I must admit, there are things in this book that I’ve never seen, heard of, dreamed up, or told a story of by some pervy guy.

Of course, I can’t keep writing and not give you another taste of what’s inside the pages: “I pull my tied hands over his neck and hold him the best I can. I know in that moment that I would do anything for this man. I am his. The wonder that he’s introduced me to, it’s beyond anything I cold have imagine. And he wants to take it further, to a place I can’t, in my innocence, even imagine.”

Sure, this book is about sex. A lot of sex. But there’s also a deeper love story. And with each book, the connection between the two main characters grows into something that neither one of them were prepared for. It’s definitely an unconventional story, but who wants to read something boring, anyway? All of my girlfriends whom I’ve suggested it to haven’t been able to put it down… So what’s my suggestion? Give it a try, and have your guy read the book too… It makes for some interesting discussion. 😉


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2 Responses to 50 Shades Of… What is it all about, anyways?

  1. Nicole says:

    Finished the trilogy this weekend, and I could NOT put my Kindle down!!! I loved it. A very, VERY interesting read and I’ve suggested it to several friends of mine. Perhaps we’ll get together later for dinner, drinks, and discussion of Mr. Grey. Sounds like a wonderful evening to me. (hahaha)

    Nicole @ Three 31

  2. Jennafyr says:

    What a coincidence TwentyTweets! I just purchased this book last night and I am loving it!!!

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