Golf Pro Girlfriend

My boyfriend has been hinting at the idea that I should learn to golf for quite a while now. It’s funny because my dad and brother have both been golfing for years, and I never felt left out. Quite frankly, I never had the desire to chase a little, white ball around a course while I could be laying by the pool instead. And after falling asleep to watching the Masters Tournament on TV this past year with my BF, any interest that I may have had in golfing dropped from slim to none. (Sorry, babe…)

So imagine my surprise when he tells me this morning that he’s thought of the perfect way to spend this beautiful, New England spring afternoon. What was his idea? Golf lessons! A joke, right? Can’t golf just be bro bonding time forever? Wrong. As I found out today, “every golfer’s dream girl is someone who will play along with him.”  Oh dear… WHAT am I getting myself into? His little comment reminded me of Brittni’s advice to stop hating and start watching.

So after some pouting and complaining, I decided to just give it a try. I mean, if I sucked, he’d probably chalk that up for a fair attempt and never ask me to go again. Before I get too far ahead, let me explain that no, we did not drop a hundred bucks for a round or even some professional lessons, especially since I had never played and had no serious desire to learn. We also didn’t go the driving range, although we most definitely could have. What did we actually do, then? We hit the putting green. Yep. That little area in front of the clubhouse where golfers putt and chip around before their 18 holes. Well… As hard as this is for me to admit… I will.  It was fun.

My instructor for the day 🙂

My competitive nature forced me to try. And I wasn’t too bad! Let your guy give you some pointers before you start swinging away. Once you sink a few putts, switch to chipping. I’ll warn you now, chipping is a little more difficult and a lot more frustrating. But guess what? Your guy will be so happy and proud once you get one in (or close to) the hole. And if you don’t… Who cares?! You paid absolutely NOTHING to play around on the green. Assuming your BF has his own clubs and balls, this afternoon date is FREE!

Competitive like us? Make a game out of it. I promise you, for someone as reluctant as me, it’s worth a shot. Like I said, maybe you’ll suck and it will be a one time thing. You didn’t spend a dime and there will at least be a couple of laughs from the day. Go out there and give your guy a chance — there’s got to be some reason WHY they all gravitate towards this seemingly boring sport. Next up? The driving range!

Have you ever been golfing before? Has your BF been begging to teach you? Enlighten us with your stories @20sTweet!


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