Was Mary Poppins Wrong? Or Right?

According to Mary Poppins, a spoonful of sugar helped the medicine go down. But if you’re a high-allergy person like myself… You want that spoonful to be honey. Alright, so Mary P. might be right… Sugar surely makes taking medicine a lot easier for kids. But I’m talking about something else…

Let me explain. Over the past four years, I’ve been switching between life in a humid environment (Rhode Island) and a wooded environment (Pennsylvania). Because of this, my allergies have been disastrous. Literally. I had to re-start my weekly allergy shots just to make it through a day without watery eyes and a runny nose. If your answer to “What are you allergic to?” is often Mother Nature, then you have to try my honey trick.

We all know that outdoor/seasonal allergies are triggered by pollen. And when bees collect honey, they’re collecting both pollen and nectar. So digesting a spoonful of honey a day becomes a way to boost your own immune system (and control the reaction to pollen). It works just like those dreaded allergy shots, but is much cheaper… and tastier!

Pooh had the right idea...

The catch? You can’t just buy a jar of honey from your local grocery store. Maybe you can, but I know that my local chain doesn’t carry what I need. A special trip to a natural food’s store (or even a local beekeeper) will ensure that you’re using the right kind of honey. In order for this trick to work, the honey MUST be locally harvested. Thay way, it’s the pollen that’s surrounding you, the local allergens, that you’re ingesting!

I know what you’re thinking… This sounds like an old wive’s tale. But my mother (who was sick of my sneezing) bought me two jars of different honey from a local, natural food’s store. I’ve been putting a spoonful in my coffee every morning for the past couple of months… And guess what? The horrible allergy season that everyone has been talking about for this spring (due to the warm weather) hasn’t been hitting me! I mean, of course, I’m still sneezing. That’s a given. But I know for a fact that I could be way more miserable, guaranteed. My car is covered with pollen by the time I leave work everyday, and any other year, I’d be a disaster. The difference? My daily dose of honey!

Give it a try… The best strategy for this honey regimen is to start before the official allergy season begins. But it’s definitely not too late! Try it right from the spoon, in your coffee/tea, or even over your cereal. A spoonful a day… Keeps the sniffles away!

Do you know of any other natural, allergy-fighting tricks? Share them with us @20sTweet!


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