Snag This Look: Cheap, Sophisticated, & Sexy

Our newest Style Queen goes by the name of Rakia, or @imjustrakia in the Twitterverse. I spotted her after being a follower for the past couple of months. She is a friend of a friend of a friend… you know what I mean. I may have met her a couple times in passing during my tenure at our college (she is still a student at my alma malter, the University of Rhode Island), but what really drew me to her was her constant sense of style. Although I was only ever able to catch a glimpse of her newest looks through her various Twitter avitars or Twitpics, she has had so many amazing outfits that I envied!

I obviously had to reach out to her once I realized her keen fashion sense would be perfect for a Snag This Look post. But who exactly is Rakia, besides a trend-setter? Well, she is currently a junior at URI studying Communications. She’s also a sales associate at Forever 21. As you’ll see, many of the pieces from her look were found while she was working. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Here’s Rakia:

From top to bottom:

  • Gold Dangling Earrings, Aldos Accessories, $12
  • Turquoise Blouse, Forever 21, $9.90
  • Coral Skirt, Forever 21, $6.50
  • Turquoise Clutch, H&M, $4.75
  • Camel-Colored Pumps, Charlotte Russe, $30

When asked about this outfit Rakia said, “I wore it to my friend’s party at a lounge and I was going for an outfit with a sleek touch of class, but still sexy at the same time. After I put that outfit together, it was the exact look I was aiming for!”

Rakia is a girl who certainly lives on a college budget, but you would never know by just looking at her perfectly put together ensemble. The pieces could be rather boring individually, but once they’re thrown together, they make for quite a unique collaboration. Keep up the fashion, Rakia! πŸ™‚

Do you think you could be our next fashion Queen or King? Send us your hottest (or most casual…those count too!) looks to We can’t wait!


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