Happy National Pet Day!!

YES! We’ve been redeemed. Although we missed out on National Puppy Day a couple of weeks ago, the holiday gods sent us another to make up for it: National Pet Day! This is a real holiday and we are proud to say that we LOVE everything that has to do with it. After visiting its website, you will see that it has numerous links to pet adoption agencies, pet photographers, and much more.

We are PUMPED. Since our little ode-to-the-puppies on Puppy Day was kind of a fail, we still have pictures of some cute pooches lying around. Well guess what–their 15 minutes of fame have finally arrived. Say hello to our little furry friends below. Feel free to swamp our inbox (twentytweets@gmail.com, to be exact!) with pictures of your puppies, kitties, snakes, birds, bunnies, elephants… Whatever your pet of choice may be. We’d LOVE to continue the pet love in this post. Enjoy!!

Brittni‘s Brady: Jack Russell Terrier; TwentyTweets Mascot and total ham (…just like his owner).

@BROgala‘s  Junior: American Bulldog and Pitbull mix; World renowned for his innate snugglin’ abilities.

Holly D.‘s Bella: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier; spent 3/4 of her life in the shelter before she was rescued. She enjoys Peanut butter and snuggling.

Taylor & Brittany G.‘s Drake & Griffon: Brittany Spaniels. Drake (l): Love muffin, explorer; Griffon (r): Love bug, chow hound.

Katy‘s Jack & Penelope: Border-collie/English Setter mix and Maine Coon. Penny (l) will be 1 on April 13th and Jack (r) will be 8 in October. They are best friends.

Erika‘s nephew, Gizmo: Purebred Beagle who will be 2 very soon! Until Erika can afford/train a pup of her own, she fulfills her pet dreams vicariously through her brother, Brad. Gizmo follows her brother like a shadow and is the most lovable nephew ever!

Jim‘s Bella and Luca: Bella is the baby Tiger cat. She’s 1-year-old now, but this photo was taken when she was only 8 weeks. Luca is a 12-year-old half Black Lab, half Dalmatian. He is Jim’s “Pooh Bear” and has a Nascar collar around his neck.


Mark‘s Cricket: 9-year-old Jack Russel Terrier; She loves swimming (watch her doggie-paddling skills here) and is fiesty on the outside, but a true sweetie at heart.

Lindsay‘s Lexi (l) and Cody (r): Rescued Puggles (Pug/Beagle mix) who keep Lindsay company in NYC. At 3 and 4-years-old, they are best friends!

Lauren‘s Olivia (l) and Khloe (r): Miniature Long-haired Dachshund and an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier; more best friends and more cuddling… Super lovable and too cute.

Jordan‘s Rocky: Full Breed Bichon Frise who will be 7 on May 13; Rocky is a complete chow hound and cuddle monster! He even is a fan of the Boston Bruins and the Patriots with his collars, depending on the season!

In honor of National Pet Day, send us pictures of your pets, stories of companions that have passed, or any thing light-hearted, furry, hairy, or even scaly! We’ll be waiting. 🙂

Send all submissions to twentytweets@gmail.com.


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