Time for Some Twitter101

Let’s face it… we’re all pretty much pros when it comes to social media, right? Actually, you’d be surprised how many people still do not know how to properly use many of their social media outlets. While we can definitely use certain ones for the acquisition of important post-grad stuff like internships or jobs (we have Erika to thank for her breakdowns here and here), their main purpose, to me, is fun.

I have certain peeves that for some reason I can’t get over. Call this is a rant, Social Media 101, or just a bitch sesh… whatever it is, I felt that it had to be said. About a week ago Jenna enlightened us with her issues with Facebook, here are my issues with TWITTER. Here goes nothing…

  • First of all…stop hashtagging everything. One of my first posts here on TwentyTweets was a tutorial about how to properly use this feature. Did anyone read it?! I feel like people throw hashtags around like it ain’t no thang. You guys are like the kids who cried hashtag. C’mon. Every once in a while #UsingAHashtag is cool, but when your whole tweet is a run on sentence prefaced by a number sign, consider yourself unfollowed.
  • Get creative. You may think you were the first person to ever tweet, “OMG, it’s so cold out,” “I wish I was still in bed,” or (my favorite) “UGH, I wish I didn’t have to go to class/work/other normal daily life obligation,”….but you weren’t. I don’t know about you, but it gets pretty boring when my whole time line reads like a broken record with one liners like these. I like to get a good laugh and get over the fact that I am probably going through one (if not all) of those common actions by going through my Twitter…I don’t like to be reminded at how boring my life actually is.
  • Private accounts. This is a controversial topic because I have some close friends and even fellow TwentyTweeters who fit into this category…but I must say, if you want to be a part of Social Media, what’s the point of being private? Especially on Twitter, where it’s as simple as a line of 140-characters. What is there to hide? (Side note: I do believe in private Facebook accounts just because so much more is at stake there.) Maybe I’m bitter that I can’t easily retweet you private people, but don’t worry, there are ways around everything. So in the long run, are you really even private? Hmmm…
  • Everything’s a problem. I will admit, some of the @____problems in the Twitterverse are pretty hilarious. Some, on the other hand, are super annoying. Sometimes when I read them I can’t help thinking to myself, “How is that even a problem?!” And everyone has one. There are white girl problems, blonde girl problems, lax bro problems, drunk girl problems, drunk dog problems, crazy grandma problems… and probably many more.
  • And one last helpful hint: I see this all the time: someone tries mentioning a friend or new favorite Twitter account at the beginning of the tweet in a promotional way. If your followers do not follow this person, they will not be able to see the tweet (which kind of defeats the whole promo thing, huh?). If there is ever a time you can’t find a way to preface your tweet with a word, throw a period (or anything for that matter) before it. For example: “. @20sTweet is awesome” will be seen by everybody who follows you, “@20sTweet is awesome” will not. Twitter does this so we don’t have to read on-going conversations between people, which is great, but if you’re trying to promote something, keep this little hint in mind.

Okay, okay, I’m done. I promise I still love everyone and meant no harm. A girl just needs to get a some stuff off of her chest sometimes, you know? Yes, I know I’m not perfect and have been guilty of these a couple times. Plus, I bet there were some things you didn’t know until now. (You’re welcome.) πŸ™‚

What are your (least) favorite Twitter-isms? I know I can’t be the only one with major peeves. Let me know!Β 


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