Snag This Look: Animal Print

Who doesn’t love a good animal print and a bright pop of color? I wore this outfit yesterday for Easter dinner.  While it’s not exactly your traditional pastel-inspired Easter look, it’s still a fierce look nonetheless (if I do say so myself).

From the top to bottom:

Black T-Shirt: Pure Body by Gap $16.50
Animal Print Cardigan: Forever 21 $19.80
Red Pencil Skirt: Marshalls (in Franklin, MA) $16.99
Shoes: MICHAEL by Michael Kors $198

This look can be worn to work, on a date, for dinner…so many places!  Or you can dress it down with a pair of ballet flats.

I love this look because the pieces are so versatile.  The cardigan?  Wear it with colored denim, over a bright dress, or with a pair of black skinny jeans.  The skirt (for less than $20!) can be worn with a blazer or cute top too!  And let’s be honest… A black t-shirt?  That’ll go with anything!  A definite wardrobe staple.

Finally, I love camel colored shoes.  They’re definitely a must-have item because they’ll match about half (if not more) of the outfits in your closet.  Trust me on this one.  It’s a purchase that you won’t regret.

Don’t forget!  You can feature your own look by e-mailing us a picture and outfit information to  Because be honest, it’ll get boring (and we’ll seem self-centered) if we just feature our own fabulous outfits. 🙂


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1 Response to Snag This Look: Animal Print

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    LOVE that skirt! You are adorableee

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