Foursquare: The App that Keeps on Giving

I feel like I go through apps as fast as Kim Kardashian goes through men… a.k.a my attention span is slim to none at best. There are the obvious social media obsessions necessities that I check regularly, like Facebook and Twitter, but any new comers I try out tend to lose my interest after a week or two (sorry, Words with Friends and Draw Something). There is one app that I find myself using constantly though, and this, my friends, is Foursquare. At first glance, it seems like just another way to stalk your friends (what social media app isn’t, though?), but it has many hidden treasures that most non-users are unaware of. Still on the fence? Don’t worry…we’re all social media nerds junkies here at TwentyTweets, so we would never sway you in the wrong direction. Here are some of Foursquare’s best features:

  • It’s a game! The main premise of this application is to “check-in” to as many locations as you can. Each check-in holds a certain amount of points and will boost your position on the leader board against your friends. First time somewhere? It’s worth a certain amount of points. Check-in with a friend? Even more. Everyone loves a little competition, right?
  • You can become a Mayor. No, not of an actual city, but at locations where you check-in frequently. After many days at one place, Foursquare will reward you by crowing you Mayor of that spot. Not only does this sound freakin’ awesome, but you get more than just a little crown next to your name. You receive more points for any future check-ins and some places hold their Mayors to a high standard. Let the big shots of the location you’ve checked into know and you may receive some special treatment. One girl had the opportunity to light the tree at the San Diego Zoo just for being Mayor at the right time.
  • Promotion for companies. Okay, so this doesn’t really benefit you, but it does help out the different spots that you publicize by using Foursquare. You can link your account to Twitter so every time you update your location it will post it for all of your followers to see, which is an easy way for businesses to get their names out there (all while you’re playing a free and easily accessible game).

  • You can get FREE stuff! Wait, what? Free? Yup! Many businesses have specials that can only be redeemed by checking in. You will know when your fave hot spot has a deal when you see a cute little orange box beneath its name. Once you check-in, the special will be revealed. I’ve gotten free chips and salsa at Chili’s and free entry at one of TwentyTweets‘ favorite locations, Shrine at MGM Grand: Foxwoods.
  • Create your own places. Checking into well-known businesses is always fun, but coming up with names for your own spots can be even better. This is an easy way to gain Mayorship/points/popularity for somewhere insignificant. I created a check point for my house (Gongshow Palace), my friend’s house (Mirror Dancing Hall of Fame), and even my favorite bathroom at work (cleverly named First Floor Bathroom…and yes, I am the Mayor).

As far as I know, Foursquare is available on both the Android Market and Apple’s App Store for free. Now…get to checking in! You never know what Foursquare will have in store for you! πŸ™‚


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