Are Salads Really Healthy?

The simple answer to that question is yes, of course. But while eating lunch with my friend the other day, she posed the question: “At what point does the salad lose its nutritional value because of the dressing?”

Hmm… Good point. I’ve thought about this before when pouring salad dressing all over those healthy greens. To be honest, I just started eating salads last year. I tried out different salad dressings for a few weeks and FINALLY found the one that I love, Raspberry Vinaigrette (thankfully, it’s relatively healthy too!)

If you’ve been trying to cut calories from your everyday meals, and one of those meals includes a salad, there are simple ways to do that. What salad dressings should you avoid? First… Avoid anything with the words bacon or creamy in the name (I know, I know… We ALL love bacon, I’m sorry). But besides avoiding those obvious giveaways, what else should you look out for? Here’s a list of salad dressings you SHOULD NOT pour on your salads:

  1. KEN’S Steak House Ranch – 148 calories (serving size = 2 tbsp)
  2. KEN’s Steak House Zesty Italian – 109 calories (serving size= 2 tbsp)
  3. KEN’s Steak House Buttermilk ranch – 180 calories (serving size = 2 tbsp)

Most people eat salads because they want to eat healthy and want to try to slim down. Most of us think just because we are eating lettuce and veggies we’re being healthy … not so much. Trying to cut back on calories and maintaining taste is EASY with these lower calorie salad dressings!

  1. Kraft Raspberry Vinaigrette Fat Free – 30 calories (per 2 tbsp)
  2. Trader Joe’s Parmesan Ranch – 30 calories (per 2 tbsp)
  3. KEN’s Lite Balsamic & Basil Vinaigrette – 50 calories (per 2 tbsp)

By paying attention to what (and how much) you pour, you can easily cut over 100 or more calories from your diet! Most salad dressing manufacturers put out a lite version of all their dressings. So if you can’t give up a fave, see if there’s a lighter version available (Erika told us about Olde Cape Cod dressings once before, who does in fact make lighter versions of their dressings). You’d be surprised how alike they taste and how much better you’ll feel about pouring that dressing on!

Have any other calorie-trimming tricks? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!


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