NCAA Championship 2012 (for the Non-Bracketologist)

I’m pretty sure the only person on TwentyTweets who has been keeping up with March Madness 2012 has been our lone male contributor Mike. He was kind enough to explain the craze to us a few weeks ago, but it didn’t spark much for me.  I made a bracket for fun with my brother, and haphazardly chose random teams leading up to the championship. The team I chose to win (Louisville… just because I went to high school with one of their talented ballers) is unfortunately out of the running. My brother would bust me up about how my uneducated bracket was only in the 20th percentile on ESPN but honestly… I have more important things to worry about like, say, everything else.

Totally kidding. I am all about college sports especially because I feel like these athletes have the truest talent and drive, simply because they don’t get paid to play. And any time I get to gather and celebrate something, especially if it includes Bud Lights, I’m down. So here’s how I think you should make the best of your Monday (which we all are forced to hate, anyways) and celebrate the National Championship tonight.

  • First and foremost, choose your winning team. To do this, you must know who’s playing. Thankfully, I know how to use Google and easily found this answer: The Kansas Jayhawks and the Kentucky Wildcats. Yeah, yeah… it kind of makes you look like a bandwagon fan, but if you’re like me, you’re in it solely for the social aspect. Let us pretend like we’re die hard fans for one night…please?
  • Find your ideal viewing location. No need to go completely crazy, especially if you have work in the morning (but by all means, if you want to…I won’t judge). There are probably small local bars in your area that have huge TVs where you can meet up with friends, have a few casuals, and get some apps. If you’d rather stay in, gather up some homies, make your favorite picky food, and grab some brews. Once again, so brainless but guaranteed fun!
  • Leave the boys alone. Your boyfriend, brother, dad, grandpa, dog, and/or other male counterparts have most likely been waiting for this moment f0r over a month. Unless you’ve been along for the ride (props to you!), let them do their own thing. They will need to get through the game on their own tonight. Give them time to recover afterwards as well. Whether it’s a big win or epic loss, both will cause an uproar of sorts. Let them have their moment.
  • Place fun bets with your friends. Since you’ll be letting the boys be boys,  have a little fun with your girls (or other guys whose brackets were destroyed during the weeks passed). Try betting on fun and/or stupid things like: how long the National Anthem will run, how many dunks in one half, how many times they show Anthony Davis’ uni-brow, etc.

(had to...)

I wish all of you who have dedicated over a month to March Madness all the best tonight (especially you, Mike!!). For the rest of you, have some fun pretending with me.

What are you doing tonight for the big game? Tweet @20sTweet or give us a shout on Facebook.


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