#RealWorldBlues… Part 2

Erika’s post from earlier today inspired me to do a continuation because not only am I missing college life just as much as she is, but it’s Thirsty Thursday. Who doesn’t want to think about their glory days on the day that was coined by college kids from all over? While I do agree with many, if not all, of what she mentioned, I have some experiences unique to my on-campus college career.

Instead of doing the norm at my school, which was to move off campus after your sophomore year, I stayed on campus. Did I have to follow some rules that some off-campus residents didn’t have to? Yes. But I had just as much fun. And I also felt closer to the campus because I was part of a quaint, little community. Here’s what I miss most:

The EPIC visitor's wall

  • Rolling out of bed and getting anywhere… In 10 minutes or less. One of my favorite parts of living on campus was that I could fulfill all of my laziest dreams and sleep until the very last minute and still make it to class on time. Class at 10 a.m.? No problem. Classic Brittni wouldn’t roll out of bed until about 9:30 a.m., do the bare minimum hygienically (i.e. brush teeth, comb hair, wash face, maybe get dressed, etc.), and mosey my way on up to class. I would probably still have time to grab a coffee, too.

    Best R.A. EVER!

  • Becoming best friends with my R.A. Resident Assistants, or R.A.’s, are those annoying people who try to enforce all of the dorm “laws” and can sometimes take the responsibility to his or her heads. But, if you actually get placed with an R.A. who is a down to earth, REAL person, you may actually become friends with this person. Luckily enough for me, I found a lifelong friend in my senior year R.A., so I thank the Dorm Gods for placing me in her tender loving care.
  • UNLIMITED. FOOD. Yeah, yeah, yeah… Everyone hates on dining hall food. But I do have to give my college props, their food wasn’t THAT bad. Having a meal plan meant you had free food at your disposal pretty much any time that you wanted it. We also had dining dollars that came along with the meal plan, which allowed us to buy food at places that weren’t covered in the meal plan. Thinking back now, that wasn’t a bad gig.
  • On Campus Parties. Partying the dorm is pretty much illegal… but there are ways around everything, right? I did some rule-breaking in my day, but kept it smart. One other awesome thing that my college held sometimes were dance parties at the Student Union. When I say these things were awesome… I freakin’ mean it. Open until 2 a.m. (later than any bar in the area), within walking distance of every dorm.  A little pregame in your room and you’re all set. The DJ was almost always another student and the music was awesome. Sometimes there’s a photographer at the event (see left) that will document the event for you. What else do you need?
  • Not having a car… kind of sucked, but not really. So I was one of those losers who didn’t have a car on campus. At the time I felt like I was stuck on an island with no hope of escape, but I now see it as a blessing in disguise. Mom and Dad were right (oh how it pains me to say this). I never had to worry about being towed. I never had to pay for a parking pass. I never had to pay for…dun dun dun… GAS!! Yes, I did reimburse my pals once in a while, but I never had to worry about refueling my tank because I had no where to go. It sucked a little bit. But as a I look back on it, I wouldn’t have had enough money for Bud Light if I hadn’t saved in all those different ways.
  • Diversity. I love meeting new people and living in the dorms was a great way to do this. Yes, I did have my BFFs that I would sign up to live with, but there are always new people to meet, either in your living quarters (a suite-style, perhaps) or in the dorm itself. I had the opportunity to live with a bunch of different people every year, leading to countless memories!

Some roomies 09-10

Roomies from 10-11 at graduation







Okay, okay. Enough reminiscing for today. What memories do you post-grad-twenty-somethings want to share? I sense a reader-opinion piece coming really soon! Be sure to comment with your memories so we can compile them in a future post!! And obviously, you can always tweet or Facebook us!! 🙂


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1 Response to #RealWorldBlues… Part 2

  1. Lorrie L. Goralski says:

    I also stayed on campus all four years. Tucker hall was the living arrangement for the first year. After that, Alpha Xi was home. I loved living on campus soooo much that I did a third semester senior year!! When it was time to leave, I cried my heart out. It took me a while to let go. Found myself going to campus every weekend and visiting friends. Slowly, real life took over. I do have to admit, those were the fastest four and a half years of my life. My best advise to all the new freshman, take it slowly and really enjoy it. Life flies.

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