It may or may not be one of the most annoying hashtags on Twitter, but on this rainy Thursday morning, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would have been to roll over and go back to sleep when I saw the forecast for today. But since I’m now in the “real world,” skipping work was not an option.

Top 10 Things that I miss about College:

10. Beer Pong. As much as I sucked, this game always got the party going. Could you imagine setting up your apartment’s kitchen table NOW and playing a good game of ruit? Or, how about those all-day tournaments? I haven’t wasted enjoyed a Saturday like that in a long time.

9. Day Drinking. Speaking of Saturdays, how about forgetting all your worries and heading outside for the day with your entire neighborhood? Kegs down the street and house parties that lasted all night.

8. Taking Naps. I haven’t tried it, but I’m pretty sure if I decided to take a nap between meetings, my entire office would frown upon me (at the very least… I might even be putting myself in hot water). In college, there was nothing wrong with sneaking in a quick nap between class.

7. Cheap Drinks. Remember those $2 shots and tall boys that we could get at the bar on Thursday nights? What was that mystery shot?!

6. Birthday Weekends. We would celebrate Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, even if your birthday was on a Tuesday. At the bar, out to dinner, and at the party, you were deemed “Birthday Girl,” and everyone gave you drinks for free. If it wasn’t your birthday, you still celebrated with your BFF like it was… Because everyone suffered from birthday weekend hangovers together.

5. Pregames. Gathering all the girls, taking shots in the bedroom, starting (probably never finishing) power hours, dancing, and playing drinking games. We were lucky if we made it out before midnight.

4. Library Sessions. As odd as it sounds, once you graduate college, you actually start to miss the library. There’s no guaranteed place like the library where you can cram for a test, catch up with a friend, or grab a quick coffee. Sure, we have our local Starbucks, but if you’re like me, you’re normally zipping through the drive-thru before work, and that’s it.

3. Halloween. Hallo-week or Hallo-weekend, anyone? My roommates and I (thankfully because they were so crafty) had the BEST homemade costumes. Who has the time now to measure, iron, and create Crayola dresses, Indian outfits, etc? Post-college Halloween means store-bought costumes. Still cute, but definitely not as fun.

2. Sweatpants. Sure, I change out of my work clothes as soon as I get home, but in college, I could wake up and head to class in the clothes that I had slept in.

1. BFF’s. I’m lucky enough to still live with my friends. But with our crazy work schedules, it’s just not the same. In college, if your roommates were in the library for the night, you probably had some other friends (or in my case, teammates) down the street who were ready for a good time.

What are your #RealWorldBlues? Enlighten us! Happy almost Friday, everyone…


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3 Responses to #RealWorldBlues

  1. Michelle says:

    My #RealWorldBlues are not living with my best friends anymore! 😦

    I am the unfortunate one that had to move back home, and live with my former roomies (aka: my parents). I think that’s what I miss the most – at the end of a long day your friends were always there to liven you up or make you laugh. Now, everything is one big routine and coming home to your parents isn’t as exciting. In college I had the three best roommates a girl could have. ❤ And I miss the hell out of them!

  2. I miss my roommates too. I lived in a house full of 4 boys and me. But it was a blast! I also miss going to work in my pjs but I wear scrubs to work now, so that’s almost the same thing!

  3. ErikaAnn says:

    Miss you, Michelle!

    And wearing scrubs to work sounds like a perk to me! 🙂

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