That’s So 90s…

Hi TwentyTweeters! Remember the movie Freaky Friday? It starred Lindsay Lohan (before she started going to jail and in and out of rehab…) Well anyways, today is our own little version of Freaky Friday. Erika and I decided to switch places – she’s writing over on my blog Forever Twenty Somethings, and I’m taking you down memory lane here on TwentyTweets! There are just SO many things that have changed since our twenty-something childhoods… Justin and Britney were of course our Justin and Selena, and we were never worried about skyping (let alone texting) our BFF’s every minute. A simple necklace was enough to prove our friendship. With that said, here are just a few things that are just so 90s:

Beanie Babies. These small creatures pretty much represent the decade. You had cats, dogs, penguins, unicorns, even a bear named ‘Princess Diana‘ … which I had … and it was probably worth hundreds of dollars. Why, you might ask now in 2012? I honestly have no idea. What is even more mind-boggling is the TEENIE Beanie Baby craze at McDonalds. Fast food is disgusting enough, but I really don’t want to know how many Happy Meals I put in my stomach… and how many drive-thru lines I waited in my mom’s mini van for 30+ minutes… just to get a stupid stuffed animal the size of my hand. WHY?

Indoor mazes with ball pits. WHY? Why did we enjoy this as children? Not only was it crazily terrifying, but it was also absolutely disgusting. I mean really. The only things that I discovered at Discovery Zone were strep throat and the flu. Gross.

Orange Soda. I used to drink orange soda all the time. For some reason, I thought it was good. That’s probably because Kel Mitchell looooooved it… and I looooved Kel Mitchell. However, after he disappeared, so did orange soda. But where did it go? They, like, don’t sell it in vending machines anymore…

Oregon Trail. This game was like, sooo 2nd grade. We had our CD-roms and sometimes our teachers would let us play it in class (with that 5 a day veggies game). Sadly, Oregon Trail went away for a while… but then years later, there was an app for it (on Facebook).

Encarta. This was the most technologically advanced thing since AOL back in elementary school. It was the beginning of the end of Encyclopedia Britannica (RIP). For projects and papers, you could just pop the CD into your comp and get info. You didn’t even have to go to the library. WHAT A CONCEPT.

Good Music. You had Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Biggie, Tupac, Nsync, BSB, Britney, The Spice Girls… even Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Of course, we still have some of these bands/artists around now, but they aren’t in their prime anymore. The best part of it all was that you could listen to all your fave artists’ CDs in your discman (the revolutionary piece of technology post-walkman)… and eventually jammed to your NOW! That’s What I Call Music CD, which featured all of your favorite 90s’ jams. Music took a swan dive after the 90s… well more like after the mid-2000s. Bring back boy bands, rappers with actual problems, and chill beats. Please.

Where’s Waldo. You know what. That’s a great question. Where IS Waldo?

The Olsen Twins. Full House was the best show ever. Not only was every episode absolutely phenomenal, but it also introduced the world to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Girls everywhere spent hours and days watching their videos and movies on their VCRs. Years later, Mary Kate became ano and the pair started wearing a lot of fur. Recently, they announced that they’re done with acting (is that what they called it?) and are going to focus only on fashion. Oh, and the pair also had another sister who was kept in hiding during the 90s: Elizabeth.

Skip It. Skip It was my generation’s Wii. We couldn’t get exercise virtually so we had to play with real, physical toys. Skip Its covered the playground back then… as did Razor Scooters and Devil Sticks. Do kids even go outside for recess now? Or do they stay inside playing video games… or sit outside on their iPads? Serious question.

Bill Nye the Science Guy. The only thing thing I remember from Elementary School and Middle School related to science (or anything at all really) is Bill Nye. We used to watch those videos in class like I watch marathons of Pretty Little Liars and Revenge now. Bill Nye made science cool to the point where my brother had a ‘mad scientist’ party… My mom hired this mad scientist to come to the house and help everyone make rockets out of soda bottles. It was totally normal. Now – not so much.

Total Request Live (TRL). I raced home from school every day to watch Carson Daly count down the top 10 music videos of the day. When Tom Green’s ‘The Bum Bum Song‘ made it to 1st place and beat out my favorite boy bands, Brit Spears, and Mambo No 5, it was like a revolution. I unfortunately don’t think that moment will ever leave mind… nor will his talk show that poked fun at his testicular cancer.

Line Dances. 90’s folk loved line dances. We had the Cotton-Eyed Joe, the Electric Slide, and eventually The Macarena. This Spanish (I think it was Spanish) song took the world by storm in the 90s and people everywhere – no matter their age – were doing this crazy, weird dance to this crazy, weird song. Once again, it was normal.

Lime Green. Every girl needed to have an item of clothing in lime green. Whether it be slippers, a t shirt, a bracelet, or a hat… We needed it. Speaking of lime green, neons are currently making a huge comeback and I might just dig into my 90s gear to sport it. Thoughts?

Limited Too. All 90s girls know that if you didn’t shop at LTD2, you were not cool. They had the coolest clothes, OVERALLS, these mini little training bras, badass underwear, and even SPICE GIRLS CANDY. Yes, those lollipop things.

Of course, we can’t forget about Pokemon, Power Rangers, Lisa Frank, Furbies, Tamagotchis, Titanic, Rosanne, slap bracelets, body glitter, Tickle Me Elmo, fake tattoos, MadLibs, board games (like Pretty Pretty Princess, Girl Talk, and Mall Madness), Rugrats, Hey Arnold, CatDog, and ALL the Disney movies… The list goes on! The 90s were epic. And kids these days are DEFINITELY missing out.

What are some 90s’ fads that you just couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of?! Let us know – @Forever20tweets or @20sTweets! And, if you’re wondering how to look professional on an amateur’s budget, head on over to Forever Twenty Somethings and check out Erika’s post. But in the meantime, happy reminiscing!


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2 Responses to That’s So 90s…

  1. HAHAH! Love it! Teeny beanie babies! I HAD to collect them all..and Oregon Trail! Best game ever!

  2. I fully remember and LOVED those Spice Girl lollipops and Limited Too! Those were the days!

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