How To: Dress for Summer… in March?!?

Spring may only have officially sprung yesterday, but this week’s unseasonably high temperatures (at least on the East Coast) make it feel more like the beginning of summer.  I can’t remember another March were people were out in tank tops, shorts and flip flops… But just because people are wearing them doesn’t mean you should.

So, how the heck do you dress when it’s 70 degrees in March?  Do you break out your summer clothes or stick to lighter-weight spring items?  A little of both?  Well, I’ve broken it down for you.  So when you’re getting ready step out of your house this week, try taking a few key pieces from each season (fall and spring) and mixing them together.

For me, a perfect outfit for this kind of weather is:

A pair of dark wash skinny jeans (NEVER light wash…please).  My absolute favorite are Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans  in the darkest wash.  $69.96

A fitted, stylish tee, like the yellow one for $50 or the black one for $44, both available at Nordstrom.

A pair of ballet flats (my favorite Michael Kors flats, $145, here)… Or better yet, a fabulous pair of peep-toe heels!

The final accessory for this type of unpredictable weather is a light scarf (I like this one from Banana Republic for $59.50). This gives you the option of layers (for rising afternoon temperatures) but keeps you comfortable for the chilly morning and evening hours.

Some key things to remember:

  1. As sad as I am to see them go, it’s time to retire those riding boots–at least for the next 6 months.  Swap those for a pair of cute ballet flats or peep toe shoes.  Personally, I think it’s a little too early to be breaking out the flip flops (especially if they’re just the cheap Old Navy flip flops) because chances are, you’re not heading to the beach just yet.  You’ll have plenty of months for flip-flop wearing fun, so let’s not try to over do it already, okay?

Side note: As summer approaches, you better believe that I’ll have an entire post dedicated to my feelings on Old Navy flip flops and where they fit (or don’t fit) into summer style.

2. Put those heavy, chunky winter scarves away and swap them for more warm-weather friendly ones.  We’re talking about light-weight scarves in pastels, or other soft, spring-like colors and designs.  Gap and Banana Republic have some great styles that are perfect for these unseasonable temps.

3. Ditch your pea coat (and especially your down jacket).  It may be March, but you’ll be sweating bullets if you wear a coat that’s more appropriate for 40 degree weather–oh, and people will be looking at you wondering, ‘what was she thinking?’  Instead opt for a super cute trench or maybe even a light sweater.

Bottom line: It’s not summer just yet, but winter is officially over (we hope!).  So as much as you want to head out of the house in shorts and a tank top… Don’t.  Just because you were wearing a scarf and a hat last week doesn’t mean that it’s not okay to be in just a t-shirt with no coat this week.  We didn’t really have a “transition” period… And I’m okay with that. Personally, I take the actual season into consideration when I leave my house, but that’s just me. Maybe you’re more into comfort? I’ll leave you with this:  Don’t jump the gun with all your summer clothes–but also don’t feel like it’s too early to break out your cute shoes and tops for spring.

What are you wearing this week?  Let us know @20sTweet! A big thank you to our Twitter follower, @GNoelle, for being the inspiration for this post! 🙂


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3 Responses to How To: Dress for Summer… in March?!?

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    I’ve been wearing what I like to call “sweater shirts” this week to work… From Ann Taylor Loft. Short-sleeves, but still appropriate for March!

  2. By the way…totally check out Target. They have almost identical shoes there for way cheaper! I know you love Michael Kors, but some of us can’t afford it 🙂 Looking fashionable on a postgrad budget…winning.

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