Work Hard to Play Hard: An Introduction

You may have noticed that a REALLY important section here on TwentyTweets has been missing. While we’d love for it to be all fun and games, the truth of the matter is that no twenty-something life is complete with just beauty, fashion, health & fitness, entertainment, and fun. There’s an inevitable black cloud looming over everything, which allows you to pay for your gym membership, go out to eat, spend the night out, live on your own, and explore. Well my friends, you have to work hard to play hard. You have to make some money, fight the awkwardness and pains of an entry-level position, gain some experience, and build your way up. Wait a minute… First… You actually have to LAND that job!

Where do we start? Well, here at TwentyTweets, we have some internship-seekers, entry-level workers, and experienced professionals. We’ve started, are going through, and like to think that we’ve been through it all. Adjusting to life after college isn’t easy, especially in today’s economy. We don’t have to tell you that the attractive jobs are few and far between. But what we can offer you is some advice, some stories, some ideas, and some support.

Have any ideas for this new section? Don’t be afraid to send your epic interview fail, your business trip success, or job-seeking advice this way — We may feature you in a future post!

Contact us at or on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!


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