Personal Hygiene: There’s a Time and Place for Everything

Tell me one thing that’s more disgusting than someone at the table next to you blowing their nose at a fancy restaurant. Like come on… Go to the bathroom if you’re having an issue! No one wants to think about the germs, flem, snot, etc. that could be flying out of your nose and into the person’s soup that’s next to you. Yes, I went there… Because it’s that gross. Not to mention the fact that you’re kind of ruining the whole dining out/romantic atmosphere for everyone else.

There’s a whole list of personal hygiene habits that just shouldn’t be done in public. This weekend, for example, while waiting for my flight at the airport, I saw a woman using a hand held mirror to floss her teeth. I felt like saying “hey, that’d be a whole lot easier with the big mirror that’s in the bathroom.” Isn’t that what toothpicks are for? (Which kind of grosses me out as well… but at least they’re meant to be shown in public). Why did this woman think it was okay to show everyone else at the airport what was stuck between her teeth?

Coming from someone who frequently does her makeup on the way to work in the morning (don’t you hate those people? But seriously… Sometimes you’re running late…) there’s a definite time and place for everything. The middle of a fancy restaurant? Not the time and place to be honking away. At McDonald’s? Okay. How about brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, fixing your makeup, and flossing? Are these things that should only be done in the bathroom?

I’m curious, twenty-somethings, what else annoys you? When did Americans start treating public places like private bathrooms? I’ve already told you that I’m guilty of the applying-makeup-behind-the-wheel stunt. At least it’s not grossing anyone out, right? I hope not. But we all make some pretty interesting faces when applying makeup, so I guess that’s debatable.

Tweet us what annoys you the most @20sTweet, and you’ll get a retweet for sure. Maybe we can all help one another become just a little bit classier!


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