Going HAM like You Never Have Before: Spring Cleaning

The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and you’d rather not spend your evenings after work at the gym. That’s okay (every once in a while…) and there are other ways to have a productive night while still feeling good about yourself. I’m not kidding when I tell you that doing housework (or in my case, apartment-work) is a cheap and easy way to burn some calories. It may not sound very desirable, but at least your not running next to some smelly stranger, right? Plus, you’re tidying up your place! Here are the stats:

Depending on where you live, maybe there’s still some snow out there (and I’m sorry). But anyone that’s ever shoveled snow can tell you that it’s an amazing work out and leaves you sore the next day. This heart-pumping exercise will make you sweat, and burns about 415 calories per hour.

Some of you might have missed out on that snow-shoveling opportunity. Have no fear, because it will soon be time to mow the lawn. A manual or push mower can burn up to 325 calories per hour. And if you have a garden, that’s another win-win.Β Working in your garden burns about 250 calories per hour. A vegetable garden will also provide you with some fresh produce in a couple of weeks, also saving you some cash. (Triple win?)

Let’s head inside. Light cleaning (such as dusting, straightening up, changing the sheets, and carrying out the trash) will burn about 170 calories per hour.Β Now I’m not sure how much trash you have, but while you’re cleaning, you might as well get in an upper and lower body workout. Sweeping or mopping the floors will do just that while burning about 240 calories per hour.

Do you like to cook? Well, you’re burning calories while putting away groceries and preparing that dinner, too. Putting groceries away can burn up to 100 calories per hour, while cooking can burn another 150 calories per hour (depending on the amount of chopping, cutting, and stirring that your meal requires).

Another biggie is re-arranging the furniture. You burn roughly 330 calories per hour by re-decorating the house.

Lastly, for all you puppy-owners that I envy out there, you can burn up to 270 calories per hour playing with your dog, depending on the level of playfulness of your pup. That’s not so bad, right? If you’re too tired to head to the gym, why not play some fetch tonight?

It's good exercise for you dog, too!

These stats were provided by Reader’s Digest and the Calorie Lab. Interested in finding out just how much YOU burned, based on your weight, activity, and length of time? Try out this Calorie Calculator brought to you by Self Magazine.


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1 Response to Going HAM like You Never Have Before: Spring Cleaning

  1. Funny you say this because I vacuumed at work today and I felt like I did a major right arm workout. I don’t know if that means I literally have no upper body strength or I did an amazing workout…either way, love this. PS…DEFINITELY going to play with Brady for the next 5 hours.

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