Say Goodbye to Dirty Makeup Applicators…ASAP!

Remember when Jenna told us about how important it was to clean your make-up brushes? Such a small task that sometimes falls to the wayside, right? Well, she was definitely so right about how gross they could get if you went too long without cleansing your favorite applicators… But is there even more cleaning that you should be worrying about in the cosmetics department? The answer to this question, my beautifully made-up friends, is YES.

Ugh. Yet another chore? Nope. This task can be easily avoided if you make an honest effort to do it every time you put on your makeup. If you’re using Bare Escentuals, or any other line that uses a cap or some sort of other utensil during the application process, make sure you clean it after every use! I learned this seemingly obvious task from working in the cosmetics world. After I saw the wonderful women who work for this counter constantly cleaning out the caps, I thought to myself: DUH! They are applying makeup to the faces of many different people, so the cleanliness factor is important. But why should you neglect this little step for your own pretty little face?

If your caps look anything like this (ew, gross right?) clean out that little sucker…STAT:

Not only is there left-over make up, but there’s also whatever else you had on your face at the time of application. Unfortunately,Β  even though you definitely washed your face before you applied, pesky germs and other bacteria are still hanging around. I usually wash mine out with hot water and a dab of the conditioning soap that I use to clean my brushes. But if you have alcohol spray and/or a different brush cleaner, you can use that too! So ladies, before you do anything tonight… Hop on the cleanliness bandwagon and clean those brushes AND caps! πŸ™‚

If you’re as beauty obsessed as we are, Jenna will have a new series that you will instantly fall in love with, starting this Saturday! This “Best of…” Beauty Series will be a compilation of the TwentyTweets’ staff fave picks of different categories in the beauty world. Get excited!


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