Sneaker? Heel? Both… Unfortunately

Guess who’s not buying these…and I hope you aren’t either.  We’re talking Nike sneakers made to look like heels.  Classy, right?

I first saw a picture of these on Facebook and thought they were a joke (and I’m still not completely sure that it isn’t?)  These. Are. Ugly.  They’re also not cheap.  We’re talking almost $100 a pair.  I can think of about 15 things that I would rather spend $100 on.

What I want to know is whether women really wear these and think they look good…?

On a side note, I’m fairly convinced these are knock-off Nike Jordans because I can’t find them on Nike’s website.  However, the fact remains the same: they really do sell these.  Although I’m not sure if people buy them.  I’ve never seen anyone wearing them…

Please let me know if this is a joke, or if Nike really does make these and sell them.  

Want your own pair?  Or just want to take another look at the strange footwear?  Check them out here, here, or here.

Have you or anyone you know worn these shoes? Let us know @20sTweet!


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4 Responses to Sneaker? Heel? Both… Unfortunately

  1. dapperdolly says:

    Celebs like Jennier Lopez made those popular a few years ago in London, they actually look good depending on the outfits they’re worn with but not the Nike overly printed ones above. They remind me of that 70’s look which also came back in a re-vamped way about 7 years ago where women wear knee high boots over trousers and the trousers were worn a bit loose at the top of the boot giving a tube/column look, didn’t sound attractive but actually was.

  2. Jeariann Peratrovich says:

    I love these shoes! 🙂 i want them soo bad!

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