#ThatAwesomeMomentWhen…You Become Twitter Famous

In any other context, having an abundance of followers would be creepy, annoying, and cult-like, but in the Twitterverse, the number of followers you have is directly related to how cool you are. Well, maybe not completely, but it definitely brings your Twitter account to a whole new level when you can say you have thousands of people who read what you have to say at any given moment. Yes, celebrities sometimes have millions of these little minions stalking their every move, but that’s a given. It’s the Joe Shmo’s who end up becoming, what I like to call “Twitter Famous,” that really prove they have something great going for them. A New Jersey college kid did exactly this. Who is this mysterious person?

Have you ever found yourself hash-tagging “#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen…..” after something humiliating or hilarious happened in your life? I bet you’ve even muttered the words in person after something substantially awkward took place like, “Oh wow, that awkward moment when…” I know I do this regularly, so it’s okay to admit it. One boy, whose twitter account is aptly named “@ThatAwkMoment” started it all for fun, and now has over 57,000 followers… and growing. He (anonymously) explains his not-so-awkward journey exclusively to TwentyTweets.


Brittni: When did you decide you were awkward enough to start tweeting about it?

ThatAwkMoment: The idea for @ThatAwkMoment didn’t come up from me being “awkward” so to speak. One day my friend and I were talking about how we should make a twitter page for something, but we didn’t know what until one day, soon after something “awkward” happened, we knew what we wanted to do. That is when @ThatAwkMoment began.

 BH: Did this account start as awkward moments or was it something else at first?

TAM: It was awkward from the start! As I said above, a friend and I wanted to start a twitter page, but did not make one until we were set on what it was going to be.

 BH: Did you plan on becoming “Twitter famous”?

TAM: Twitter famous? No, not at all! To this day if people say those words to me I just think, “What are they talking about?” Many other pages have way more followers than us, but I’ll take it as a compliment.

BH: When did you begin to notice your “fame” skyrocketing? What’s your secret?

TAM: Back when we had zero followers, I took it into my own hands to get the word out. I would search “awkward moment” on Twitter and tweet things like, “Hey we are @ThatAwkMoment we tweet awk moments,” to all of the accounts that popped up. I would say the first couple thousand followers were all work of me tweeting to users, and users retweeting our tweets and such. There was a time when I started to think, “Wow this could be something!” Our first celebrity retweet/mention was from Lauren Froderman, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 (@laurenfrodie). This first celeb interaction gave us a huge burst in followers. Then a few months later, I discovered that Chelsea Houska (@chelseaHouska) from 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 retweeted and followed us. This was just insane for me. I never thought TV stars or anyone of popularity would have noticed our twitter. Our biggest, and most recent celebrity retweet/follow was from Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)!! At this time, all I could think was “OMG!” and was in shock that she saw our tweets, retweeted, and followed! So I guess you can say I really don’t have a “secret.” But I can say: work and you shall receive. I got the page going all on my own, simply by tweeting people, and I can say I’m happy at where it is at the moment.

 BH: Are you the lone contributor to this account or are there other people who help you?

TAM: This question has a “yes and no” type of answer. As I mentioned earlier, a friend and I wanted to start a page, and we did. But after a while, my friend stopped because another twitter account was too much for him. So it’s, I’d say, 98% me, haha. The “co-owner” comes on once in a blue moon. I do, however, have friends that will tweet or text me things that I will post. So if you consider that as them helping me run it, then yes, I do have some help.

 BH: How many mentions, retweets, connections, etc. do you typically get per day?

TAM: I’d say on average we get at least 50 retweets per “awkward moment” tweet we do. Sometimes there is less though, but on average I do see “50+ retweets” on our tweets. As for mentions, I honestly have no idea because a lot of the time people manually RT, quote,  and/or mention their friends in our tweets, which shows up under our mentions. Ontop of those, we always have people tweeting us things or just including our twitter name in a tweet. For follows, I would say 100/200 or more a day but I’m clueless. For example from last night to now, we gained just about 100. For some reason I feel like it’s about 1,000 follows a week.

 BH: You can totally brag for a minute: How cool is it being you?

TAM: It’s cool I guess. It feels nice to have a Twitter page that people enjoy and there are a few perks here and there, I guess you can say. However, it is quite time consuming to run and I’m sure you’ve noticed patterns where we barely tweet and out of nowhere will have a bunch of tweets. I run it based on the time I have, but I do try to tweet everyday. It’s an honor to even be thought of like this!

As silly as it may sound, this is a perfect example of how you can truly get yourself noticed with enough effort in this social-media-obsessed society that we live in today. As he said, work and you shall receive. A little hard work will always pay off, no matter what it’s for! Be sure to follow @ThatAwkMoment and your embarrassing moment might be shared for the world to see (as if it wasn’t humiliating enough already)!


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