Move over Words: There’s a New App in Town!

Before I made The Switch, I was a huge fan of Brick Breaker on my Blackberry. Let’s be honest… We all had our two or three (or seven) week obsession with breaking bricks and beating levels. But seriously?! I had no idea what I was missing. Who knew that joining Team iPhone meant playing games against other people?

It’s suhh-weet. One of my first Apps (after Facebook and Twitter of course) was Words with Friends. If you’re like me, you might have been a little too ambitious at first and started games with too many people. But then, you realized who you were REALLY going to play with, and kept it going for quite awhile. My personal recommendation? Co-workers and boyfriends/girlfriends. What’s more fun that out-smarting someone you know? And who knew that was going to become so competitive? (Well, I did. But I loved it.)

Slowly but suddenly, I stopped responding to the moves. From one Words with Friends addict to another, I can tell you that once you stop replying, it gets easier and easier to continue ignoring all of your current games. And before you know it, you’ve forfeited and may not have even realized it yet.

I did try Hanging with Friends… But it didn’t have the same effect. The fun factor just wasn’t there for me. But thanks to my awesome roomies… I’ve found another new game to entertain me at work become obsessed with:

Guess what non-iPhoners… you can play too! Just download the App and get started. Don’t let the “drawing” part of it intimidate you. I lack any and all artistic abilities. But so far, my friends have somehow been able to decipher what I’m scribbling. But beware: the friend that you’re playing against can see when you’re erasing! It’s actually half of the fun. Watching your friends as they sketch and erase horrid stick figures against the clock? Genius!

Alright, so you’ve now heard my two cents. What do you think?


Feel free to play me or another TwentyTweeter in any of these games! Let us know which one’s your fave and start a game with us via @20sTweet!


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1 Response to Move over Words: There’s a New App in Town!

  1. play me in draw something πŸ™‚ YMCMBrittni! PS… they have it on Android….and Facebook, too πŸ™‚

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