Perfecting the “Smokey Eye”

What first comes to your mind when you think about smokey eyes? Sexy, sultry, and maybe even a little intimidating? Perhaps you’ve even said, “Oh, she can pull it off, but it doesn’t look right on me.” WRONG! While smokey eyes may or may not be your “style,” everyone can pull it off (with a little practice!) It’s all about knowing the layout of your eyes.

When applying makeup for this look, the first thing you must know is that the entire eye is used. Brow bone/highlight, above and outer creases; inner, middle, and outer lids; upper and lower lash lines; upper and lower water lines; inner, outer lash lines; and the upper, and lower lashes… Whew! Take a breather… Before you think you’re overwhelmed, just know that you’ll only be focusing on four main parts of the eye when applying the smokey affect.

First things first… like all makeup applications, you always want to start with a primer (which can be found at any Wal-Mart, Target, beauty store, etc.). Place the primer all over your eye, including below the lower lash line. After that, choose which color you want to use… Smoky eyes don’t always have to be black! (For this tutorial, I’m going to do brown).

Step 1: Color Base. After the primer dries, apply a light cream or tan base color. Applying from lashes to underneath the brow.

Step 2: Color Lid. Using a darker brown color (about 3 or 4 shades darker) Apply the color from the lash line over the entire eyelid and stopping below the brow line.

Step 3: Color Crease. Find your darkest brown color (about 3 shades darker the lid color) Start on the outer edge of the eye and work the crease brush back and forth in sort of a windshield wiper motion ¾ of the way into the eye (making sure you don’t go all the way to the inner corner of the eye).

Step 4: Color Liner. Using the same color from above… Press the color into the lash line (as if you were putting on eyeliner) to cover up any sparse areas where you may have less lashes. Follow the entire lash line from inner to outer.

Step 5: Eye Liner. Apply the liner to the entire lower eye lash area from outer to inner corner. Finish the look by gently using a smudge brush to soften the look of the liner, to create a sexy, sultry, look.

There you have it! For more great “how-to” tutorials, including smokey eyes in different colors, check out

If you’re thinking about giving this “smokey eyes” look a try this weekend, let us know how it turns out @20sTweet


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