Mondays Suck…Let’s Talk About Bud Light & Partying

Ugh….Monday. Lamest day of the week EVER. After finally recovering from a weekend of who-knows-what kinds of activities, you’re forced to go back to your drone-like daily grind. Despite all the negativity that you’re probably feeling today, look on the bright side: the weekend will be back again and it will feel even better after a tough week. Time to reminisce about the weekend that has unfortunately passed and prepare for the next!

While my work-week hasn’t technically started yet (damn you, retail), I still totally feel the pain and could totally crack open a Bud Light right now if it was socially acceptable to sell make-up with a buzz (once again…damn you, retail). Yeah, yeah, I know I always talk about Bud Lights, but this time I want to take the time to shout out to the AMAZING Bud Light promoters that I met this weekend, who I hope I run into again soon! During a routine night out at one of my new favorite spots, The Whiskey Republic in Providence, RI, I noticed that they were giving out free stuff to any patrons who purchased Bud Light. Hats, T-shirts, and key chains to name a few. I was all over that! As quickly as I realized what they were up to, I had to let them know about TwentyTweets. After gushing for a while, we decided we were both equally as awesome and exchanged some information. TwentyTweets (mostly…still waiting on you, Jenna) pretty much runs on Bud Light, so why not do a little collaboration? I am hoping we can team up with these awesome people and do some big things soon.

Bud Lights & free stuff for all...We loved it!

Would you guys join us for a Bud Light-filled night out somewhere? Maybe even step it up a notch and order some Bud Light Platinum? Let us know! We want to party with all of our loyal readers soon, so give us some ideas!


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