Getting Ready Like You Never Have Before…

Whether you’re crunched for time or just have an impatient boyfriend, most of us have probably felt rushed when getting ready to go out at some point in our twenty-something lives. There’s nothing worse, right? Girls love/hate getting ready… Trying on every shirt that you own, browsing in your roommates’ closets, finding accessories, and adding the finishing touches to your ever-so-perfect makeup. But sometimes, there just isn’t enough time for all that.

Does this "I have nothing to wear" scene look way too familiar to you?

To be fair, this post was inspired by my cousin Julia, who was pressed for time this past Saturday night. She deserves a lot of credit here because she texted me saying that she had exactly 30 minutes to get ready for an event at her school. Stressful? Some may think so. But not for Julia. She had her go-to outfit ready (complete with all the accessories) and proudly made it within her half-hour time limit. Seriously… Making girls everywhere look good (and probably surprising boyfriends everywhere, too).

How can you be ready in the nick of time? By having (even more than one) go-to outfit stored away in your closet. We’re talking shirt (with the right bra), pants (with the right underwear), shoes, accessories, and maybe even hair/makeup ideas that will match. The best advice? Making sure that it’s an outfit that you’ve worn before… There’s nothing worse than having to constantly pull on your skirt because you didn’t know that it was going to ride up all night. And ladies, there’s nothing wrong with having these go-to outfits ready for more than one occasion:

  • Nights Out
  • Family Dinners
  • Business Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Unexpectedly meeting the boyfriend’s parents for brunch…

You get the idea. This might sound like a lot of work, but trust me, you’ll be happy when you have a spare second to run a brush through your wet hair or maybe even the chance to blow dry it.

What’s the best go-to piece of clothing in your closet? We’d love to hear from you! Join in the discussion on Facebook or Twitter!


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3 Responses to Getting Ready Like You Never Have Before…

  1. Mia says:

    Love this idea! πŸ™‚

  2. pearlessence says:

    Never thought of this… good call!

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