Not Only Charming…but Affordable Too!

Headbands, rings, bracelets…oh my!  All your favorite accessories in one location.  I’m talking about my newest find: Charming Charlie. It’s an affordable (we’re talking pieces for about $5) accessory store for women.

The store (and website) is organized by color so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  What’s also great is that the prices are so low you can afford to buy a half a dozen things in one shopping trip!  Many of the items are less than $20, with the larger items (such as purses) going for about $40.

I’ll admit some of the items are a little too “bedazzled” for my taste but there are plenty of pieces to complement my less-than-eclectic look.  I don’t think anyone would have trouble finding something they love.

There are locations nationwide so chances are there’s one close to you.

Before you leave make sure to check out the clearance section in the back! When I was at the Charming Charlie’s at Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA last week there was a great deal going on: 5 or more items for $1 each (if you bought less than 5 you had to pay the full sale price). Yes, I said $1.00 for each necklace, bracelet, ring, etc. Can’t beat that!


Get the pieces shown in this post here:

Turquoise Shell Cluster Earrings $5.97     All Chained Up Bracelet $14.97

Metallic Cheetah Frame Wallet $14.97      Mini Flower Coil Ring $7.97

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