Powerball Winnings Hit RI… But it’s None of Us (FAIL)

For all of us who played the Powerball last week, we had our fingers crossed very tightly on Saturday while awaiting the results.  When I heard that the winning ticket was sold in Rhode Island I was ecstatic, especially because I was currently $200 in the hole.  I quickly checked the tickets, only to realize that I didn’t even have one ticket with the right Powerball number (talk about a major FAIL).  This was a big disappointment since I felt confident that I would win (gotta have faith, right?)  With over $300 million as the jackpot, I think I may have melted to the floor if I was holding the winning ticket…Which got me thinking… What would I do if I actually DID win?

There are of course countless amount of amenities that I could shamelessly splurge on with this magical payday, but when it all comes down to it, I know that there are 5 main things that I would have done if I had won the Powerball (which, in case you were wondering, was worth a measly $336,400,000).

1. Figure out a way to begin investing a large portion to make sure that I’m comfortable for the rest of my life (Unlike a majority of people who get really greedy and end up broke in a few years. Check out these lottery fails).

2. Make sure that everyone who I am extremely close to is living comfortably, right alongside me.  My family would, of course, be the first to be hooked up with anything that they wanted, starting with a new house, cars, and a whole new wardrobe.  For my friends, I would make sure they had almost the same treatment.  I consider my closest group of friends my family, so I would make sure that they enjoyed the ride for the rest of their lives as well.

3. Immediately drop everything that I am doing and take a long journey around the world.  You are only young once (Brittni would make me quote Drake here by saying, “YOLO), and when you are, it’s the best time to travel and explore the world.  When you get the opportunity to travel, you really get a whole new outlook on the world around you.  A few notable places I would be visiting include Australia, the Swiss Alps, Hawaii, and The Seychelles Islands.

4. Buy the craziest house that I could possibly find located in the hills along the Pacific Coast in Southern California (Of course my garage will be filled with exotic cars, as well). My brother worked in California for a short time, and I was lucky enough to have visited him while he lived there. Just being in Southern California and exploring the surrounding areas sucked me right in and I never wanted to leave.  So, how about a bachelor pad with all of my bros, think: HBO’s Entourage crew.  I do love New England, especially because of the sports, so I would still have a house somewhere located back home… especially for all of the upcoming championships that I’m predicting (Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, repeat).

5. Finally, I would start a Breast Cancer foundation for patients and survivors since this is a subject very near and dear to my heart. My grandmother and mother both fought this terrible battle at one point in their lives. Having this much money would be an amazing experience for me, but without sharing it with others, especially people dealing with such terrible circumstances, I would feel incomplete.

Winning the Powerball is at the same level of randomness as getting struck by a bolt of lightning, so the odds of this happening to me are slim-to-none.  But hey, it’s nice to dream especially since the last winner bought their ticket less than 10 minutes away from where I currently live. Can you imagine?

If you won the Power Ball for over $300 million (or any other large sum of money), what would you do? @20sTweet it up, people!


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