Life Doesn’t End After College, it Gets More Glam: Jessica Romano

If you think back to about a month ago, TwentyTweets spoke with The Style Network’s Briella Calafiore about her career as a hair-fairy, reality television star, and how she’s created her own definition of the word “sexual.” Briella’s interview went so well and we were so intrigued by her mention of best friend Jessica “Jess Hottie” Romano, that we absolutely HAD to speak with her.

Jessica is also a star on Style‘s Jerseylicious and Glam Fairy, where she helps Alexa Prisco and the other fairies spread utter-glamminess from one client to the next. What makes Jessica special is her undying love for her craft. The Glam Fairy website tells us that she has been itching to enter the world of make up since she was a wee kindergartner. It describes an incident where she brought a purse with her to school, loaded with the essentials (including a fabulous lip color), causing a little tiff between herself and the principal. Little did Jess-toddler know, this incident foreshadowed her beautiful and glamorous future in the cosmetology world. Jessica dishes more below.


Brittni: Briefly tell TwentyTweets about yourself.

Jessica Romano: I’m a girly girl who has been obsessed with all things glitter and glam since I can remember.  I’m still really close to my friends I grew up with.  They know me so well they all just shake their head and laugh when I show up wearing fluffy boots and a bow.  They also have managed to tune out my high pitch voice and my squeaks.  Well, that part isn’t always easy for them.

 BH: How did you stumble upon the opportunity to be featured on the television show “Glam Fairy”?

JR: I worked for Alexa for a few years now and when she gave me the opportunity to do what I love on TV. I couldn’t turn it down!

 BH: Do you see yourself as a celebrity in your own way? After being on this show do you find yourself being noticed when you go out (and if so, do you have any funny encounters with fans) ?

JR: I don’t see myself as a celebrity at all, which is probably why it’s so confusing to me when people recognize me!  I used to act all awkward but I’m getting better at it. I love when girls ask me for pictures because their boyfriends love the show!  I knew there was a secret fan base of glam man!

BH: How/when did you meet your BFF Briella? Were you friends before the show?

JR: I met Breezy on a photo shoot we were both working on way before the show.  Briella is a Gemini; very open, verrrry talkative.  I, on the other hand, being a Scorpio come off stand-offish.  Briella hasn’t stopped talking since I met her, and it made me feel comfortable to open up to her.  Plus we are both sexual.  We make a good yin & yang.

BH: What is are your favorite aspects of being on Glam Fairy?

JR: Being part of all the chaos. I secretly love when Jon and Glamo go at it and I love Alexa and her analogies. Cracks me up!  It’s like watching a show, in a show!

BH: Do you and Briella share the same definition of “sexual”? If not, how would you explain it?

JR: Sexual is such a fun word that can be used in so many ways, it’s hard to define.  For example: your new outfit could be sexual or you could be feeling sexual because of your new outfit.  It’s also a great answer to any question.  How was your day?  Sexual.

BH: Do you have any personal mantras that you live by? What are they and why?

 JR: Bobbi Brown spoke at my college graduation, which was like a dream for me being an aspiring makeup artist.  During her speech she talked about how far you can get by just being NICE.  Her words always stayed with me, and I find them more and more true with every day.

BH: Since TwentyTweets is focused on mostly twenty-something readers, what would you provide as advice for twenty-somethings who were trying to live out his or her dreams?

JR: Growing up doesn’t have to suck.  Life doesn’t end after college- it just means you now can afford to not drink wine out of a box.

BH: Will you be joining Briella at Montclair St. University for the Vagina Monologues? If so, are you guys partaking in the show or only going to watch? How did you hear about the show?

JR: Yes! I am so excited about this! I actually graduated from MSU as a Theatre Major.  One of my friends from the department, Brandon is directing this show and reached out to see if we would be interested in performing.  The performance is actually a benefit that is part of V-Day, a worldwide movement to stop sexual violence against women and girls.  I hope everyone comes to support this great cause.

 BH: What’s next for you, “Jess Hottie”?

JR: My makeup line Glamorous Cosmetics is booming, and I’m just grateful to be doing what I love.  I’m also enjoying sharing my tips & tricks on beauty with fans on my makeup page

BH: Will we be seeing more of you in the future?

JR: Look for me in season four of Jerseylicious premiering February 19th!

For more on Jess Hottie and all of her glamtastic endeavors, check her out on her Facebook page or follow her on twitter @JessHottie! If you are interested in having Jessica and Briella attend an event in your area (they’re DYING to party with you!), contact their manager Cynthia Stoklosa at or on twitter @CynthiaStoklosa.

All photos were taken from Jessica’s Facebook fan page.


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