Hey Bros: Enlist a Female Wing-Person & Leave Your Boys at Home

As I was biking my little white girl butt off today at the gym (gotta make sure I am ready to gorge myself at my Valentine’s Day dinner with food, candy, drinks… You name it), I was honed in on the crappy deeply intellectual television shows that were above my sweaty head. The wonderful ladies of the mid-morning Today Show, Hoda and Kathie Lee, were discussing everything that had to do with Valentine’s Day. Although they were probably half in the bag (per usual), they did have some pretty interesting things to say about this controversial “holiday.” One thing that grabbed my attention (which wasn’t hard in the sausage fest of a gym I attend… and no, that’s not a good thing) was a wing-woman service being offered in some places in the U.S of A (even as close as Boston).

You may be casually pondering this whole “wing-woman” thing, just as I was. Well, as many of you may know, men use these “wing-people” (usually of the male variety) to help in the acquisition of women, whether it be at a bar, a party, or at the supermarket. Throughout the years, this ancient act of wing-manship (as I am now calling it) has probably produced sub-par results. Most of the time, a group of bros circling around one or two girls ends up being more annoying than intriguing. This is where the wing-woman phenomena has it’s perks.

According to these professional female attention-getters, most other females are subliminally attracted to a man who already has a girl or two by his side. Thrill of the chase? Scientific fact? I’m not sure, but I think it might be true. These women are hired by men who want to try to pick up other women. This wing-woman essentially draws in the attention of other ladies by acting as either a best friend, sister, the token lesbian in his life, or any other platonic female-male relationship. If said woman is with friends, the wing-woman distracts the rest of the groupย by chatting about anything to be sure that they don’t ruin the situation between the male and female target.

Check out the footage from the segment here.

After thinking about all of this, I can’t help but think: is this borderline prostitution? Or just a sly and talented girl using her skills to help men get laid (with other women, of course). This seemed like a great topic for the TwentyTweeters to discuss. So please, let me know.

Would YOU consider becoming a professional wing-woman… Or is that just way too weird? @20sTweet is ready to hear what you think.


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1 Response to Hey Bros: Enlist a Female Wing-Person & Leave Your Boys at Home

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    Personally, I find this hilarious… And mostly because I’ve kinda-sorta done this same thing. In an effort to help my boyfriend’s friends pick up chicks… I’ve been their wingwoman.. and it DEF works! No, they’re not paying me… and I have to be “rejected”… but it’s honestly pretty fun to play along.

    Let me explain. While one of the guys is chatting up a girl… I come over and obnoxiously interrupt. The guy then looks at me, looks at the girl he’s talking to, gives me an awkward smile and then ignores me… Showing the girl that she’s more important than whoever I am. I get rejected right there on the spot… The girl doesn’t know that the guy hitting on her is actually one of my bf’s friends… and she instantly feels “special” and more interested in this ever-so-popular guy that’s giving her his undivided attention.

    It might be wrong… But it works!!!

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