Readers Unite: LOVE February 14th (And Quit the Bitchin’)

Finally… A fan-inspired post with tons of feedback! So, what stirred up all of the opinions of many Twitter followers and Facebook friends? VALENTINE’S DAY. Calling this random February day a “holiday” has been heavily debated and often hated upon for years. But, alas, it is still hyped up by Hallmark and other holiday-profiteers, so our wonderful society must participate (or at least buy a ton of cards).

Personally, I feel that there should be a happy medium between an all-out-sap-fest and semi-depressed-suicidal mode (which are two extremes that seem to always pop up at this time of the year). Yes, if you have a significant other, celebrate however it is you two see fit… But keep it real and within your means. If you’re single, the same thing applies. It might be entertaining sad to see your best friends running their credit limits into the ground for their boyfriends, but no worries: there are many other people you can show affection to on this wretched day.

(Erika’s idea: Buying your best girlfriend the new Alex and Ani bracelet! I did this for my BFF at Christmastime.)

So we extended a few questions out to our social media peeps (thanks for answering, guys!) about what girls/guys, whether single or taken, should do (or what they felt was ideal) on this “holiday.” These were my faves (Some should obviously be taken in jest, because you should never take anything  TOO seriously…especially Valentines Day! ;)).

For all you hopeless singles out there….

  • Fiona; Smithfield, RI: “My single gal friends and I do a ‘Secret Valentine’ along the lines of a Secret Santa (pick out of a hat) and buy each other Vicky Secret treats or gag gifts, then go to dinner and swap them. This event is most likely followed up by the group then conquering a jug of Carlo.” Very cute advice from our favorite Style Week participant!
  • Julio; Smithfield, RI: “Self reflection on what it is about yourself that repulses quality members of the opposite sex along with creating productive solutions to these issues.” A little harsh, but we can agree this is pretty damn funny.
  • Brooke; Prague, Czech Republic: “Attend a strip club…shit gets wild in prague. Haha.” Studying abroad just got that much more interesting for this TwentyTweets reader!
  • Stacey; Boston, MA: “Watch the Ryan Gosling On Demand channel (it’s real) or make other women their valentines by showing some love to a charity or women’s shelter by volunteering.” LOVE this advice from fellow a blogger (shout out to my friends over at SumoSkinny!) So fulfilling in so many different ways.
  • Kelsey; Keene, NH: “Buy a bottle of wine and go shopping at Victoria’s Secret with my girls.” Oooh, very risque but sounds like a blast!

…..And an astounding amount of readers went with the one word answer of “Drink.” Obviously keep it responsible, but I definitely co-sign this idea, especially if you go with Deanna from Debary, FL‘s advice of going out with your girlfriends (or boyfriends…whichever it may be!)

Now for all you hot, steamy lovers out there, these are for you…

  • Kayleigh; Scituate, RI: “I’d like my Valentine to buy me dinner, and not one of those fancy dinners where you get a steak the size of your palm. I’d prefer a greasy hamburger with a side of fries, AND a milk shake. Then, after that spiritual experience I’d like to get in sweat pants and be handfed chocolate covered strawberries, while watching a shitty rom com and then be asleep by 11.”  I can’t tell if she’s serious or not… But regardless, sounds like a perfect night for two low-key lovers.
  • Danika; Fairbanks, AK: “My favorite Valentine’s Day was waking up early and going to breakfast with my boyfriend. The restaurant was empty and we spent the night together cooking dinner.” All I can say to this is AWWW! Adorable.
  • Emily; Kingston, RI: “My ideal date would be going to see the new movie coming out, “The Vow” at the Patriots Place movie theatre where you eat dinner while you watch the movie. Ice cream from Coldstone or a trendy frozen yogurt place would be the great ending to the date.” Cute night, Emily!
  • Sean; Narragansett, RI: “Keep it pretty casual, make dinner, watch a movie, get creative with a card or letter, sleep in, and get breakfast together the next morning.” A great night for college couples on a budget. Keep this one in mind, readers. It’s one of my personal favorites. (And Amanda from North Kingstown, RI agrees, with almost a similar response on Facebook.)

I almost couldn’t resist the advice of these two girls whose men will be away from home on February 14th (due to Military enlistment or sports obligations):

  • Erica; Longwood, FL: “On our first Valentine’s we went to this place called Disney Quest in downtown Disney. Then after we ate at Planet Hollywood and finished off the night with an IMAX movie. I’d have to say BEST Valentine’s day ever!! I just like feeling like a kid again. It puts you in a place where you can appreciate the relationship. Obviously this year, I can only say I’m blessed to have spent that kind of day with him.” 
  • Laura, North Providence, RI: “I have never had the day where I was wined and dined. I always experience the day through gifts in the mail and a phone call! I guess I can say this has become my ideal Valentine’s Day because he is just taking the time to show me he cares and loves me. Fancy dinners and a bedroom filled with candles is not really part of our day, just the fact that we have one another with a little gift to show it is enough for me! That’s what its all about, right?

Two inspiring ladies, keeping it positive on a day that they could totally be down on themselves. You go, girls!


So for all you Negative Nancy’s out there, look on the bright side: there are many other TwentyTweeters who are in your position. Call up a best girl (or guy) friend, take this person out to dinner or for drinks, and simply enjoy the day. If you’re in a relationship, new or old, do something that makes the two of you happy. If that includes a trip to your favorite hole in the wall or an activity out of the “norm”, so be it. The true meaning of the day will shine so much brighter if you keep it real.

Still not sure about Valentine’s Day or have anything to say about what our readers thought, let us know @20sTweet!


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