TwentyTweets Dishes Their Fave Super Bowl Commercials

The Patriots lost. The Giants won. We all know that the outcome may or may not have caused riots in many densely populated areas in the Northeast, especially due to the close proximity of the two teams. We’re divided into many different types of fans here at TwentyTweets. You have myself, a die-hard hockey fan at heart but a supporter of all Boston teams when it comes to crunch time; Jenna who could care less about any sport in general; and Erika who’s from Pennsylvania and supports Pittsburgh ’til the end, so she was pretty indifferent about this game.

So, how the heck do we connect over the Super Bowl? We collaborate over our favorite commercials, obviously! (We’d ask Mike for his input but he’s a little too fragile at this time…he’s taking the loss very hard.) Erika, Jenna, and I decided to extend this group discussion to our contributors as well. Which commercials did TwentyTweets think rocked the show? Hint: there was a lot of beer and a few cute dogs!

Here’s our synopsis:

Jenna: “So in between all my talking, texting, and eating, I did have the pleasure of seeing an occasional Super Bowl commercial. Overall I must say, it was a disappointing array  (at least the ones I saw).  One of my favorites though was the Budweiser one that highlighted great moments in American history.  It was a sweet little tribute to the USA with some cool music in the background.  I couldn’t help but smile… And have another sip of my wine.

Erika: “M&M’s ‘Sexy and I know it‘ commercial had our entire group geeking out. A booty-shaking M&M? Too funny. I also loved the Skechers commercial that featured the French bulldog moon-walking across the finish line (I’m a sucker for puppies). But in my opinion, the company that nailed it the best? I’d have to say Doritos. The dog who bribed his master with the note, “You didn’t see nuthin’,” and the Grandma sling-shotting the baby to grab the bag of Doritos from the older brother… Hilarious! Neither commercial has convinced me to buy the brand (simply because I refuse to eat Doritos), but at least I’m still talking about it this morning!

Brittni: “Call me biased, but I felt that Budweiser took the cake when it came to commercials last night. My two favorites had to be (agreeing with you, Jenna!) the ‘Ode to America’ piece, especially because it showed a quick glimpse at the 1980 celebration of the USA Olympic hockey team, a huge accomplishment for anyone who follows hockey as much as I do; and the one that featured the puppy named ‘Wego.’ Appropriately enough, every time someone would said ‘Here, Wego!’ he would eagerly go grab them a Bud Light (my dream dog). Honorable mentions include (as you know, my current obsession) Bud Light Platinum‘s commercial featuring Avicii- Levels and a historical reference to the end of prohibition. In my journeys, I found this gem from Budweiser Canada, a commercial aired to Canadian fans during the game. Too cute.”

What were your faves during Super Bowl XLVI? Did we hit it or miss it? Let us know @20sTweet!


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2 Responses to TwentyTweets Dishes Their Fave Super Bowl Commercials

  1. KhiaraL says:

    All of those commercials were great!! I also have to say I loved the Chevy Sonic Commercial- made my top 5 for sure! (Probably helps they used such a great song)

  2. ErikaAnn says:

    Def another awesome one! Loved catching up on your #brandbowl tweets, Khi 😉 Thanks for the feedback!!

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