Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Alex and Ani

A lot of girls refer to February 14 as “Singles Awareness Day.” Well… STOP IT! Stop letting other people define you. Who says you can’t celebrate with another person that you love? Alex and Ani (like always) has the perfect idea. Check out this beautiful charmed set for you and your best girlfriend:

This Best Friends Bangle Set comes in Russian Gold and Silver. It’s part of the Charity by Design collection, committing a minimum of $20,000 with 20% of sales to the American Heart Association. “Sharing your heart with another is to create an unbreakable bond of kindness, trust, and love. Share your affection and your charm with the Best Friends Bangle Set.”

Not familiar with these unique, expandable bracelets? Be sure to check out all of the Eco-friendly jewelry on the Alex and Ani website. And be HAPPY this Valentine’s Day!Β Stop feeling sorry for yourself; instead, pour some wine, cherish friendships, and celebrate with your favorite ladies.

β€œMaybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” -Sex and the City


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One Response to Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Alex and Ani

  1. AW too cute! I actually bought my BFF a bracelet for Christmas! Such a cheap but classy way to express love to a friend, sister, mom, grandma, WHOEVER! I still don’t have any, though. HINT HINT. πŸ˜‰

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