We Want All of Your Super Bowl Party Pics!

In a time when mobile uploads and profile pictures rule the world, we found it necessary to collaborate with TwentyTweets readers during one of the best days of the year: Super Bowl Sunday!! The majority of us will be watching the athletic spectacle of 2012 in front of a big screen television with our closest friends (but if any of you will be in Indy, that’s freakin’ awesome!), so many of us will have our phones ready to snap pictures of our unsuspecting friends. We here at TwentyTweets want to share this epic day with our readers by dedicating a post completely to the drunken, buffalo-flavored, nail-biting, and hopefully successful (GO PATS) festivities in which all of you participated.

Send us your pictures, stories, bet results, and any thing else under the sun to be featured in a post this week! We wouldn’t be here without you all, so why not hop on the 15-minutes-of-fame train and get featured on the site! All submissions (even if you’re a Giants fan…BOOO!) will be accepted.

Send them on over to us at twentytweets@gmail.com, or tweet them to @20sTweet!!

My dog, Brady (appropriately named, huh?), is ready. Are you???


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