Does “Practice” Really Make Perfect?

So… Allegedly Drake just released his “official” video for his song, “Practice,” off of his sophomore album, Take Care. I honestly thought it was one of those fan videos with a very good sound quality of the song playing in the background, but then just as you thought the ass-shaking was over, Drizzy strolls in and tackles the girl onto her bed. What happens next is unfortunately left to the viewer’s imagination… And the song ends anyways.

Now, I am NEVER one to bash on my man Aubrey (his real name for all you non-fans out there), and I don’t even consider this post a negative one whatsoever. I’m simply trying to find the deeper meaning of this video. Maybe Drake’s sick of paying a bagillion dollars for video production and asked one of his best friends to dance in front of a mirror for him instead. Which, I might add, is something that I’m terribly good at… Especially after a few Bud Lights (ask anyone, seriously). But enough about me. I don’t know. Is this just a message from Drizzy saying that at this point in his career he can do whatever he wants and people will STILL love him? OR is he trying to be really different, unique, and raw? (Hey, Drake: Whatever your choice was, I’d condone it!!)

I guess I’ll never know, but I do know one thing’s for sure. I don’t think I stopped staring at her ass ONCE. As Big Sean once said, “How yo’ waist anorexic and then yo’ ass is colossal?” Props to her for rocking that thick shape and also being toppled by Drake at the end. My jealously level is fairly high right now, so I think my best bet is to continue “practicing” (pun totally intended) until I can one day be her…

**Okay, so here’s a quick update. Upon further investigation from Drake’s official blog,, he is accepting “Practice” videos from any girls willing to submit them. While I still believe this is possibly his “official” version of the video, he is looking to see more of us out there practicing. So I DO have a chance!!**

I’m dying to hear what you guys think. Seriously, tweet us ASAP. Is this cool or ….? @20sTweet!!


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3 Responses to Does “Practice” Really Make Perfect?

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    WHAT? That’s the video… For real?? And… is that thing.. real???

  2. LOL apparently so! I updated it with a post that I found on his official blog (where you can also find the video), where it said that he’s looking for more videos from girls practicing their dance moves. Oh, Drake.

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