Eyebrow Perfection: Now Available in South County, RI

Eyebrows are two prominent features that can make or break a face. Didn’t you ever wonder why the Mona Lisa was such a creepy looking woman? Luckily enough for residents of Southern Rhode Island, a new eyebrow threading salon has opened to cater to all of your eyebrow-maintenance needs. The salon, called Bella Brow, is located in South County Commons, and although it isn’t the first of its kind to come onto the beauty scene, it is definitely one of the only ones in this area.

TwentyTweets spoke to Bella Brow owner, Stephen Devereaux, and his eyebrow mastermind, Robina Saddiqi, to get the low-down on the new business and what exactly makes threading so much better than other eyebrow care. Devereaux tells us that the idea of opening an eyebrow threading salon actually came from the advice of his son, University of Rhode Island senior Stephen Jr. He informed his father of the rapidly growing industry and they decided that it would be best fitted for Bella Brow to open in South Kingstown.

Devereaux enlisted the help of eyebrow artist Robina, who he found on Craig’s List. Robina tells us that she has been educated in the art of threading since 1996 and that it is a very ancient style of grooming, originating in India. With the use of a cotton thread, it grazes the top of the skin, pulling out the hairs from the root. This technique may seem invasive or painful, but Robina assures us that as long as you’re dealing with a skilled threader, it is essentially painless. Since waxing is a popular alternative, I was curious as to what exactly made threading better. Robina stressed that with waxing, it could lead to internal and external skin damage around the eye, along with potential eyesight problems, and of course a more painful experience.

I was able to receive a complimentary threading service on the spot, and our go-to male contributor, Mike, shot a video of the majority of the process. (He admitted afterwards that he actually found the whole experience very interesting. He bonded with Stephen over Super Bowl predictions, so check out their conversation in this video, as well! Talk about multi-tasking!)

Devereaux informed me that he will be having an official Grand Opening at some point in March, with many specials to go along with their already low prices. For the month of February, an eyebrow threading service is running at the low price of $9. Students receive a $1 discount on any service at Bella Brow. For now, their hours of operation (as they get themselves up and running) will be 11a-7p Mon.-Thurs. and Sat., and 11a-8p on Fri.

For more information, be sure to follow the newest eyebrow experts in the local area on Twitter @BellaBrow.

*Fun Fact for all URI students and alumni: fellow alumnus, Rhody collegiate athlete, and current NFL player Matt Hansen was one of the first to get his eyebrows done at Bella Brow! (See boys, looking good doesn’t have to be just a girl thing.)*


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4 Responses to Eyebrow Perfection: Now Available in South County, RI

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    I’ve always gotten mine waxed but maybe I’ll have to try it! Question… how long does it last? Do you have to get them threaded all the time?

  2. Robina Siddiqi says:

    This is Robina, head threader at Bella Brow. The average person will have it done about every two to three weeks, depending how quickly their hair grows. Eyebrows are removed at the root with threading. On the hand, the roots stay with waxing so it takes longer for the hair to grow back when the brow is threaded. Please keep in mind there are several other advantages that threading has over waxing. It is less painful, less irritating (especially if you have sensitive skin) and we know we can shape your eyebrow better as we can get to all areas (where waxing is really just underneath the eyebrow). Thanks for your interest.

  3. ErikaAnn says:

    Sounds good to me.. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks!

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