Modern Take on an Old-School Trend

Remember in middle school when everyone was wearing ponchos?  I’m not talking about the ones you wear in the rain, but the ones that were more like a sweater?  With a hole just for your head, and it draped over your shoulders?  Cozy… But relatively unflattering.

My newest fashion obsession is a bit similar, but way more fashion-forward.  Allow me to introduce you to the cape!

Michael Kors. On-Sale $79.99

I’m not into sweatshirts (why waste your time with them when there are dozens of other stylish and cozy options out there), so I think that these are great alternatives when you just want to have a lazy day.

Pure Handknit. On-Sale $47

I love the buttons and toggle clasps that are so frequently used on the capes.  I personally prefer the capes with sleeves (opposed to just holes for your arms), but I’m sure that I could easily be persuaded to try on other styles.

Because the cape is so wide, you should really pair it with some skinny jeans or jeggings.  That way, your body will still look proportional, you can give yourself some shape, and it won’t look like your swimming in all of your clothes.

Free People. On-Sale $95.99

As for shoes, I would pair this ensemble with a pair of high-heeled booties or riding boots.  The look is casual, but yet still fashionable.

Shopaholics… Find the Michael Kors Cape here, the Pure Handknit Cape here, and the Free People Cape here.


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