Into the Male Mind with Mike: The Female Rating System

Have you ever walked by a group of guys and heard them spewing out a bunch of random numbers as you and your girlfriends walk by? Well, this is what I like to call: The Female Rating System. Luckily, you don’t need to be a mathematician to understand this because it’s actually quite elementary. The female rating system is a quick way for us to scale our initial feelings on the opposite sex. While, yes, it might seem a little harsh (and maybe even a tad bit shallow), it is something that *most* of us participate in with our bros.

TwentyTweets ladies, I am here to explain to you the thought process behind this, AND what gets you to the top of my chart (and that of many other males). Believe me, we’re easier to please than you might think.

A guy will automatically rate a girl when he sees her based on a scale from 1-10: 1 being as ugly as Beetlejuice (no offense dude, but damn…) and 10 being an absolute smoke show (think: Adriana Lima).  There are many factors that a guy will use to come up with this rating, including the basics like her body, sense of style, and most importantly: her face. This rating system doesn’t take long for the average male mind to process.  It’s easy to just be hanging by the bar and instantly throw out a number for each girl that walks by in the matter of seconds.  The thing about this male rating system is that it may vary from guy-to-guy; one may say he believes one girl is an “8”, while the other may think she is merely “5” (which is below average); but, it adds to the fun of the bro-to-bro convo. Now yes… When you actually get to know a girl, the rating system can become a lot deeper and mean a lot more. You can calculate personality and her lifestyle into the equation (yes, we DO actually pay attention to these things), but when a guy goes out to a bar with his boys, we’re only going to base a rating on her looks. Sorry, ladies.

But don’t worry, there are a lot of little things that girls can do to instantly add points to any guy’s rating scale, especially if she’s only average.  With Super Bowl 46 just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time to share this little tidbit of information. A girl wearing any form of clothing that represents her favorite sports team receives an automatic upgrade from where ever she may stand on the chart.  Even if the girl knows nothing about the sport, at least she is trying, and you know she’s not completely against sports like a lot of her friends might be. (Brittni had the right idea with her post a few weeks ago…chicks watching sports=awesome.)  I’m a sucker for a girl in a Red Sox hat or even better: a Tom Brady jersey.  (I openly admit that I have a “man crush” on Tom Brady and would allow my future wife to wear his jersey while saying vows.) This makes you look like you’re into sports, which will add points to the scaling system.  Even though guys like to watch sports with their friends, they sometimes wouldn’t mind throwing back some beers tailgating with a girl by their sides, who are as into (or pretend to be into) the sport as they are, and who rep the clothing to prove it.

This was the first look (of many) Into the Male Mind with Mike. Tweet us @20sTweet if you’d like me to investigate something soon.


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7 Responses to Into the Male Mind with Mike: The Female Rating System

  1. guys an idiot… why would you want girls to like sports? it’s your only time away.

    • john says:

      Backing up mike here, some girls like sports to pick up guys but I have also heard of guys liking sports to get the girl. Also , during a notoriously big game like the superbowl, anyone becomes a fan and its a great event to meet ne girls. Not saying she should be at your side during every event but its deff a plus for a girl to like sports

      • Mike says:

        exactly.. not saying she’s got to be there for every event I said that its nice for it every now and then I mean my mom loves going to sports games and I want my future wife to be into sports at least somewhat and can cheer with me not fight with me for watching so much! haha

    • john says:

      Backing up mike here, during a notoriously big game like the superbowl, everyone becomes a fan and its a great event to meet new girls. Not saying she should be at your side during every event but its deff a plus for a girl to like sports.

  2. ErikaAnn says:

    But what if we come with chips, dips, wings, and beer? Sporting the Tom Brady jersey? Sounds like a definite jump on the scale to me!!

  3. tovah11 says:


    I’m sure what you are saying is true; however, it really makes me sad.

    We/re supposed to want to live up to your “rating system”? Why would I care what you and your jersey-loving pals think?

    I met guys with your type of mind-set and stayed far, far away.

    Thanks for the insights though.

  4. Annonymous says:

    I’m curious, did you mean to sound like the worlds biggest asshole, or was that an accident?

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